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Aggresive but not M/T tire recommendations on the 22" Snowflakes

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Currently running Atturo Trail blade XTs - Nice looking tire, a bit loud and showing signs of what looks like dry rotting after 2 years.


I want to get a new set of all terrains or hybrids but not looking for a mud tire on the stock 22" snowflakes. Leveled and running spacers.


Open Country A/T III is my first choice, followed by the Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek.

Size wise, I would go for a 33x12.5x22 or a little smaller (285x45 r22).


Any other options out there I should consider? Please post pics if you have a nice looking A/T tire setup on 22s.


2019 sierra 1500 SLT


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I have the Nitto Ridge Grapplers on my 2020. They are aggressive enough that most think its a mud terrain tire. They have a little bit of noise but can't even hear them at highway speeds. Performance is A+. 

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I bought a set of Toyo Open Country AT III 305 45 22. I am glad I went to the place that installed my Atturo's, they were able to give me a prorated amount off the new set around $400 credit towards the toyos. Will post pics once installed. The atturos had sidewall cracking already starting to form around 2 years/25k miles. The atturos are not a bad looking tire, but I always have had a bad ride and some vibrations. I am hoping for night and day difference once the toyos are on.

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Here are the Toyo Open Country ATIII 305 45 22s installed. I have 2" level an 1.5" spacers and they slightly rub on lock. Maybe a bit better on noise and handling feel than the Atturos but not night and day. I honestly don't think these look aggressive enough, but it was hard to find example pictures with them installed on 22"





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I wanted off-road tires, but didn't want K02s or anything that hardcore. I have a SxS for that. Ended up with BF Goodrich Trail Terrain TAs. Aggressive tires, but they have good road manners. They are quiet and didn't affect my fuel economy much. Also, they were a new tire at the time and were on sale. Mine are 18s btw. 




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