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Ok, We are all familiar with the instrument cluster (servo) issues with the early 2000's trucks...  I have the same story.  gauges started to fail one at a time.  For the last several years, all I had working was the fuel gauge.  (I would measure speed by my GPS, and I have an OBDII module where I could read oil pressure, coolant, anything else...)  Anyway, I drove my wife's vehicle to work for a night because she was loading some stuff to take elsewhere. When I got in my truck the next night, I noticed she had moved the steering wheel up.  I moved it back down to my preferred position, and when I started the truck, ALL my gauges worked...  I even had lights lit that had been out for years...  But the REALLY odd thing, is my odometer now shows ~ 80k less miles than it did last week...  I was under the belief that the mileage was in the "computer", not the dashboard...  and my wife never even started the truck, only loaded some things in to it....  Anyone have any thoughts?

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Amen. My check engine light works, and thats it. I'm trying to figure out what's going on with mine. Everything was working fine I saw a photo of someone changing their LED lights to blue ones it was around Christmas time so I got the bright idea to use Christmas light LEDs well hindsight's 20/20 and those LED lights are 120 wasn't really thinking about them doing damage but when I put them in they lit up all right for about a Split Second after that nothing worked I unsoldered them and ordered some what I thought was LED lights but they were incandescent but they work not quite the look I was looking for but they will do for now they all came on and looked fine but none of my gauges worked I have no idea what's going on meanwhile I'm doing all this stuff to begin with because my entire Dash is ripped out looking for a blend door that has my driver side freezing and my passenger side nice and cozy it seems that all the ones in my Dash are working I can find three of them total in my 05 Yukon I uncovered the two in the back moved my knobs every one of them and neither one of my blend doors seem to move I am currently doing that as we speak as for the instrument cluster I am stumped looked at all the fuses that were easy to find the one in the driver Dash and the one under the hood right in front of it. IDK

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Sometimes the connector on the back will have issues or the connections on the board will need to be reflowed. Unless youre handy with desoldering and soldering I would send it out for repair. They are very easy to damage if you arent careful with the soldering iron. 

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