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Cab Lights on a '98 1500

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I was wanting to install cab lights on my truck.  The 5 across the top that run with the parking lights and headlights. 

Has anyone ever installed cab lights on any truck?

Any recommendations on the lights themselves?

Any tips for the installation? 

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I have the 5 separate lights on my 88 GMC K2500 pickup. I got the truck with them. Problem I have been having with them is getting them to seal correctly. Heavy rain I will have water coming in. Have condensation continually in them. I have seen a different style at LMC truck, it has two outer lights then one center unit that has three in one housing, might even be LED, not sure.

     I just have not gone thru truck to identify which light or lights leak, and clear silicone even though made for exterior use leaves residue running down window. Cab roof is double wall and if I didn't see it coming into cab its going somewhere and could cause pillars to rust out. I may just weld up the holes and remove lights.

   I wouldn't cut holes in roof if there's nothing wrong with your roof. Go with a light bar or something.

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