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Tour Chevy's 2018 SEMA Booth With Us Wednesday

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Thanks for joining alone everyone! 

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Oh my gosh could that thing be any uglier!?  I hope you guys see some decent promising looking chevy vehicles there..

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    • By Zane

      Zane Merva
      Executive Editor / Publisher - GM-Trucks.com
      May 24th, 2019
      A few days after we got a look at the changes for the 2020 Sierra, Chevrolet is letting on to what's going to change for the 2020 Silverado. Surprise, it's actually some significant stuff. 
      More 6.2L
      First up, the 6.2L makes its long awaited move to trim levels below LTZ. Now Custom Trail Boss, RST, and LT Trail Boss trim levels can also order the 420 horsepower engine option. As owners of a 2019 LTZ with the 6.2L , we highly recommend it. 
      More 10-speed
      LT Trail Boss and High Country with the 5.3L engine will upgrade to the all new 10-speed transmission. This move was more expected as GM flushes out the 10-speed into more models and slowly phases out the 8-speed and 6-speed transmissions its sold for years. 
      A New 3.0L Diesel
      The new light duty Duramax makes it's debut in 2020. It will be available on LT, RST, and above trim levels.  This engine will also come with the new 10-speed transmission. 
      Smaller changes
      Other additions to the lineup for 2020 include adaptive cruise control and a new "transparent trailer" camera system that displays up to 15 different views. 
      Order Guide
           (GE0) Oakwood Metallic
           (PDT) High Country Premium Package
           (R13) WT Appearance Package
      New Features 
           (DPO) and (DQS) Vertical Trailering Mirrors
           (KSG) Adaptive Cruise Control now included in (PDJ) Safety Package II
           (MQB) 10-speed transmission is now standard on 4WD High Country models with (L84) 5.3L EcoTec3 V8 DFM engine and LT Trail Boss
           (UV2) HD Surround Vision is replaced with (UVS) HD Surround Vision with Two Trailer Camera Provisions
           (CWM) Technology Package now includes (UVN) Bed View Camera
           (PCV) WT Convenience Package is now available with (ZW9) pickup bed delete
           (PTT) Tire Pressure Monitor System becomes (PTT) Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors
           (V46) and (VJH) Chrome bumpers are now free flow on 1WT
           (Q5U) 17" Bight silver painted aluminum wheels are now free flow on 1WT
      2020 Chevrolet Silverado Photos

    • By rhino8
      I drive a ‘14 Silverado and recently put a centennial emblem on the tailgate but since the emblems do not fit the grill I left the gold. Does anyone know if they make a Centennial Edition overlay/ wrap? 
    • By Alijahjm
      2018 Silverado.
      I’ve been experiencing a grinding noise the last 3 months when I’m braking, although it doesn’t sound like it’s in the brakes it sounds like it’s in the engine, more in the transmission. I’ll be slowing down and in the last 20-30 feet before a complete stop I’ll get a grinding noise in the engine/transmission. It doesn’t do it every time, but several times a day.
      Ive been to the dealership twice for this and they couldn’t replicate the problem, both occasions it happened only minutes after leaving the dealership...
      one tech thought by my description that it was the valve body on the transmission, then said later that maybe it was the ABS misbehaving. But nothing was determined.
      i feel like it’s transmission related because for the for the past 2 years I’ve owned this brand new truck I’ve been into the dealership several times, starting only 3-4 months after purchasing the truck new, for issues where the transmission will down-shift really hard. They’ve updated the computer which helped a little, bit it still happens occasionally.
      anyone out there with any ideas? Thank you.
    • By LojanTheGreat121
      Howdy! New to the forum, not sure if I’m doing this right. Anyhow, I’d like to install true duals with an X pipe on my Silverado. It’s a 2002 1500 Extended cab with the 5.3L. Is there a bolt on exhaust system like the one I’m looking for, or would I need to have it custom built and fit at a shop? If I need to have it built, is there a good exhaust shop in Western Kentucky you could recommend? Thank you!
    • By dctackett10
      So. I saw this on Instagram for anybody wanting to do something like this.  They said they fabricated a thin piece of metal and painted it and then stuck it behind the grill center.  Think it makes the truck look 10 times better.  
        I’m gonna give it a shot and I’ll document the process for anybody interested.  Believe I’m gonna go with red on mine 

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