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I'm looking to do a full interior swap/update on my '99 silverado, don't know much about interior fabrication but i'm going to do what I have to in order to make it work. For now I plan on taking everything I can out of a part-out silverado from 2014 or newer and throwing it straight into my truck. If anybody has any tips or prior knowledge from a project of the same nature any help would be appreciated. From what I could find, not many people have documented this sort of thing on YouTube and the ones who have only show off the final product instead of the full process or steps they needed to take in order to get what I'm looking for. 

Screenshot (59).png

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That's a nice truck, and I really like that color.  I'm not too familiar with those interiors, but what is making you want to swap it? 


My son swapped a grey 2002 S-10 interior for a black one of the same year just because he liked it better.  It turned out nice.  hardest of course was the dash.  A different generation's interior will likely be very challenging.


I definitely wish you the best with it!

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I agree with Shakenflake; you need to find an interchange manual (your local professional junk yard) and see if the seats will fit. The floor pan (not floor PLAN) is most likely different, connection point in different locations heights, and styles. I have some experience with this and my adventure was a cake walk. I installed bucket seats from a late '60s/early 70s Blazer into my '65 short wheel base (they came in 3 wheel bases) Suburban. I had some brackets made or the outer legs of the seats due to the topography of the floor pan, the mounting points were WAY lower relative to the legs on the seats, no leg was the same length and any of the outer 3 legs. The 2 inner legs I just washered up but the outer ones needed a tapered box to fit under the seat between the legs and the floor of the truck. You can't do this kind of modding on modern trucks. There's too much to account for; like seat height / air bag relationships, side air bag / seat relationship. The list is prolly longer than I can think of. If you want a fresher interior I'd just go to the bone yard and get one, after market seat covers that strap on look great until you sit on them and getting a reupholstered interior is going to cost $1,000s.

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On 2/28/2022 at 10:29 AM, shakenfake said:

The only interior that will fit a 99 is 99-02. You can do an 03-07 swap but none of the power options. 

Actually you can swap seats easy enough. I have a set of seats from an 04 Escalade in my 99. Only thing I had to do was use my 99 switch and switch harness to plug into the main seat harness on drivers seat. Passenger was direct swap. Other pwr stuff though, you're correct, as GM changed over to using modules for everything vs old school switches and wiring. 

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