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Leer or A.R.E. Truck Cap on 2024 Sierra HD with Fairing on some models

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Ordered and waited 5 weeks to get the cap. 

When my A.R.E. cap was installed I stood outside the work bay and watched. To hook up the 3rd LED brake light they were going to put an electronic module behind the factory brake light. Easy way to do it for them and when it fails buy another module.

I knew from research before doing this there is an extra brake light wire from the factory under the dash. I wanted the installer to use it which meant  running a wire from under the dash along the frame to the LED 3rd brake light.  I told him I wanted a connector put in the wire that was accessible so you can unhook it to remove the cap. He said we don't do it that way.  


I said do it that way or I will go to the office and if they won't do it my way I want a refund. Took 25 minutes to do it. Their way with the module I would guess was 10 minutes. 


No problems for 8 years.


My brother in-law says " everybody wants to do things cheap and fast. "




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Thanks All.  Yes the Camera on the Cap 3rd. brake like is going to be a catcher for snow & ice. The camera pivots on the bracket to aim, has a lot of travel. Time will tell. Should get a spare bracket or two.

However this wide screen vision in excellent, in the rear view mirror HD Display, and worth the addition for my applications. While traveling, and the tailgate cam lens gets dirty before stopping to clean it, cap cam still stays clean. Great for backing up as well, in addition to the tailgate cam. I often have to back into dimly lit industrial sites to work, and all the extra vision helps.

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