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New tires! on 17x9 pro comps


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Hey y'all, i just finished putting new goodyear duratracs, LT285/70R17 on my pro comp rims. with my 2011 crew cab running a zone 2 inch lift.



IMG 0070[1]


IMG 0075[1]


IMG 0076[1]


IMG 0078[1]




i bought these tires used, for a price i could not pass up, so far i love the tires.

im excited to see how the work in the canadian winters, as i have yet to get them muddy.

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it rubs quite a bit, i didnt do any fore planning and had the tire shop install these for me and just on the 15KM drive home with the dozen turns i had to make, these tires rubbed right through the plastic fender liner where it screws in to the fender along the bottom, once i got home i took a block of wood with a cloth and a hammer to persuade the fender some where it was rubbing, and now i only rub in reverse when turning and thats on the front side of the fender and just plastic no metal to worry about where it touches.


i dont get how some guy say they can run this setup ad not rub at all, i get that every truck will sit a little different but from what i see on my truck, you will need to do some work to clear 285/70r17s other then just lifting it up 2 inches.


i know im waiting on so expendable cash to buy a zone 3in body lift and then find a weekend to put it on, but until i do that those tires are stuffed in the wheel well for me.

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Good to know. I failed on the planning too, and had to put some 265s on. With my stock wheels there is no issue with the 285's. The negative offset really makes a difference.


I've been debating on a 1.5"-2" lift which should allow this setupwith minimal cutting.

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