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Sierra 2015 - Changing the rear end ratio?

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Hey everyone, I have been pondering the idea of changing my rear end ratio in my truck. I currently have the 3.22 with the V6 engine. I believe the Crew Cabs came with 3.42 in the V6 so I am kinda shocked that the double cab didn't also. Anyways, lately I feel like my truck has been sluggish (always has been, but bothering me more lately) and I feel like this might be a pretty easy (only) fix.


If I was able to go this route I would be interested in using the rear end out of a 2004 5.3L Tahoe with 100k miles. I believe it has the 3.42 gears and if the car is gonna be kept for spare parts then I might as well use it.


I feel like this is going to be the only way to get the swap done if I do it because I don't feel like paying 1000 dollars for something that I already have. I am hoping someone would know if the swap is possible since there is a 12 year difference. Thanks for any information.

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Oh maybe, but I'm certain that I saw a 2wd cc on Carmax with the 6 cylinder. Maybe that truck had like a tow package or something. Anyways, I feel like that would be best for my mileage and for my "lead foot" and not to mention the ability to pull a bit more of the need ever arises.

Yes mine is a 2wd.



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