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Tips | Suggestions | Advice - Looking at buying a Chevy/GMC truck. What should I watch out for the GOOD and BAD?

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What suggestions or advice is available for buying a GMC | Chevy truck? What should I watch out for -- the GOOD and BAD? 


I want to come back to the GMC | Chevy family. For over 20 years, we owned a 98 GMC Suburban, putting over 230k miles on it myself, and I LOVED that truck. Other than typical wear and tear -- I never had any problems or issues with my Suburban.


I am looking at 2016-2022 -- GMC | Chevy 1500 | 2500 series, all trims (4x4), except the base models. My budget is around $35k plus'ish; yes, I understand my budget limits what I can get. I am a USAF retired veteran living off a fixed income.


Yes, we tow hitch pull RVs and various trailers, but not as often as before. What are the GOOD, BAD, and UGLY these days on the GMC | Chevy trucks? Is the additional price for either diesel and/or 2500 worth it?


SHORT STORY: so, a few years ago, I bought a 2015 Ram 1500 4x4 EcoDiesel 6cyl w/turbo Lonestar -- well, I have been disappointed with Chrysler | Fiat (FCA). They lied about the EcoDiesel, and after forced recall ECM updates, they sucked all performance and mpg from the truck. Buying a newish GMC | Chevy, I do not want to fall into what happened with my 2015 Ram. When I had my suburban, I never had so many recalls, been lied to, and never had poor performance.


Thanks for any suggestions that you will provide -- Gary (ExFalconFxr)


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I would stick with a 2016-2018 truck. I think they look the best and they seem to be the last truck platform before we start to hit space age tech and what not. Saying that though a T1XX, 2019-Now, has some great engine and trans packages.


If you do tow your RVs I would definitely suggest buy a 2500 truck. Diesel is worth it if you tow all the time but if not then I would skip it. It seems the gasser 6.6L in the T1XX trucks is a pretty damn good engine.


If you go with a 1500 K2XX, 2016-2018, watch out for the transmissions. They are not that great.

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