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autostop eliminator

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8 minutes ago, rosepaule said:

Yup.  I got it with the help of Travis Lambert. I had to go hulk smash on the center console, that thing that really clipped in there

Lol. That little trim piece under the dash apparently holds the entire truck together. Somebody at GM decided it needed to be CLIPPED IN. 

Thats the only “difficult” part of the install. 

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On 6/13/2019 at 9:41 PM, Jessica Lambert said:

I’m sorry, but in order to maintain our competitive advantage we can’t share the exact details of the changes. Please understand that in spite of extensive testing, undetected issues can exist. The problem with our device went undetected during testing because the test trucks were driven daily. Also, since the body control module is what was using the power, we didn’t see this when we checked the draw on our device.


It is rare that a manufacturer offers unsolicited replacements upon discovering an issue. We hope that the way we handled the situation demonstrates our level of commitment to our customers. If you would like to discuss further please contact us at [email protected].

Look/sounds pretty cool, but $90.00?  No thanks.  Not at that price.  

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I installed my ASE this weekend.  It was a snap with the right plastic trim tools.  Took me about 20 mins.  I'm loving not having to remember to hit that switch any more.  

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On 2/5/2020 at 9:05 AM, snork said:

this is the system GM shoulda used from the getgo

Completely agree that the default for auto-start-stop should be "OFF", but then CAFE wouldn't pass the increasingly stringent EPA MPG requirements, or even better, the liberal-minded EPA would apply some type of "facilitating payment"...

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My truck always re-starts after about 30 seconds every time.  I maintain constant pressure on the brake pedal but it always re-starts before I release the brake.  All of which makes me wonder how much good it's doing in terms of fuel savings, environmental impact, etc. 


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There is a long list of things that can make autostart not function, or allow it to restart before releasing the brake.  



Auto Stops may not occur and/or Auto Starts may occur because:


. The climate control settings require the engine to be running to cool or heat the vehicle interior.
. The vehicle battery charge is low.
. The vehicle battery has recently been disconnected.
. Minimum vehicle speed has not been reached since the last Auto Stop.
. The accelerator pedal is pressed.
. The engine or transmission is not at the required operating temperature.
. The outside temperature is not in the required operating range.
. The vehicle is in any gear other than D (Drive).
. Tow/Haul Mode or other driver modes have been selected.
. The vehicle is on a steep hill or grade.
. The driver door has been opened or the driver seat belt has been unbuckled.
. The hood has been opened. 

. The Auto Stop has reached the maximum allowed time.


Auto Stop Disable Switch
If equipped, the automatic engine Stop/Start feature can be disabled and enabled by pressing the switch.
Auto Stop is enabled each time you start the vehicle.
When light is illuminated, the system is enabled.

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its been 6+ months since my Auto-stop has worked. I know one day it will start working again (oil change at dealer, or OTA update, or something will happen) but I’m loving it so far. 

I still have not figured out what the dealer did to stop it. Truck got a engine light after a car wash. something related to the brake control module , so I took it in and the dealer said they “re-flashed” the module to clear the light. Never had an Auto-stop event again after that.

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I've had my 2020 Silverado for about 14 months. I thought I would like the auto stop feature at first and it did great in my hometown. Not much traffic at all here.

However, when I went to visit family in the Houston, TX area I did not like it at all.

Stop and go traffic along with bumper to bumper stop and go was really bad. I got to thinking, what if the truck wouldn't start one of these times? I turned it off and everything was normal.

I never considered putting a device on to turn it off. I just automatically press the button when I start the truck. Easy peasy.

I love my truck with the 2.7T 4 banger.

Good luck!

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