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Wanting to add roof rack or bed rack of some sort ...wondering if and what anyone has used and are happy with? I want to be able to haul kayaks on the roof or over the bed without giving up my hard fold 

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I've had two different trucks with two different roof racks for carrying my kayaks.  GM sells a kit that's made by Thule that I had on my '16 and I've got a Yakima on my '18.  The Yakima with 70" bars is worth the extra cost.  The adjustment and install on the Yakima makes all the difference. The picture is of my 2018 truck and the Yakima rack.  I can get more pics if you need them - these were all I had on my phone.  I purchased through etrailer.


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..I have an Adarac cargo rack and tonneau cover on my truck.. love it.. will haul 3 kayaks or 2 plus a canoe or ladders, lumber etc. The uprights a are only on the truck when I'm using them .. takes 5 mins to install them. I also plan on adding a bed level cargo rack and mountain bike rack to this setup this summer.


.. pics from last fall with the uprights on and off.. I add a set of J style kayak carriers to either side of the  uprights for my kayaks



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This is the latest thread on this topic I could find and wanted to share my setup that I recently completed. 


I have an ARE Z Series shell that had the original optional tracks. Since I very much dislike how distant the platforms are from the roof in typical applications using standard mounting brackets and hardware, I decided to custom make the platform mounts. I got a Yakima LockNLoad 55"x49" platform and used 6061 aluminum angles to secure the platform to the tracks. This part was more or less easy, and the setup is very solid.


The front was much more challenging since (1) there are no tracks nor factory options for tracks, and (2) the roofline is not straight neither length-wise nor sideways. As a first step, I mounted Thule universal tracks with rivet nuts. I've had such a setup on another car for years and I believe that leaks are not an issue when installation is performed properly. I used construction-grade polyurethane sealant around the rivet nuts during installation. Then, I measured the angle of the tracks and found that I needed an angle of 84 degrees (tightening the setup with 90 degree angles would have caused something to crack, for sure later if not earlier). I had a local machine shop bend about 32" of 5052 1/8" aluminum to exactly 84 degrees (6061 is not good for bending). I cut the piece into 8 pieces and after a lot of adjustments, got the front platform to sit flush with the rear. It was very much non-trivial for a single person to handle (the Yakima platform is quite heavy), but I am very happy with the results. I want to emphasize that I intentionally positioned the platforms close to the roof because of (in my opinion) enhanced aesthetics. This particular Yakima platform does not bend at all with me standing on the roof (~180lbs). I also have a RhinoRack ladder that easily hooks up on the platform for easy loading/unloading.












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On 11/23/2022 at 2:02 PM, Vuk said:

This is the latest thread on this topic I could find and wanted to share my setup that I recently completed. 


That is an awesome setup Vuk.


Still can't commit to a cab rack. But I did find that a 2003 yukon/Tahoe rack fits up pretty nice to my ARE topper (which is actually from an 11 GMC then cut to fit later trucks, but it was available the weekend I wanted a thing to sleep in). They're a little flimsy for big loads, but been good enough for a basket/ kayak carrier when needed so far.


Haven't found a solution I like for cab rack yet, so probably going to hit the junkyard again and do some chopping, probably pushing further forward and deleting the sharkfin when I get around to that project.


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