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6.2 Engine: To Premium Or Not, Facts Here

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7 minutes ago, amxguy1970 said:

Placebo effect, they want to hear/feel it (yet most don't know what they are listening/feeling for). I bet they want to feel like they own a motor that only runs on premium like a sports car... If you hear/feel it the truck pulls timing and it goes away and doesn't hurt anything. With modern cars they can detect the smallest of knocks/pings and fix it before it is even noticed by the driver in most cases. 



well Im just speaking from experience. I came from a 5.3, had no idea what fuel was recommended on my 6.2. Dealer had 87 in it. Heard knocking. Actually threw a code for knock sensor. 20k kms later it hasn't thrown that code. So perhaps Placebo...maybe a really bad batch of gas? Unsure. 

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In my neck of the woods, we don't have 91 everywhere, but we do have 93. The 93 is on average $0.30/gal more than 87. That's roughly $7 more per fill from almost empty. If I fill once per week that's an extra $364/year, or $30.33/month. If you can afford an extra $30/mo, then it's worth it to fill with premium exclusively and enjoy the benefits thereof. JM2C.
Nice! We also have a bmw and mercedes that require premium, and 93 is always 0.70 more around here. That would be almost $20 more every fill on my burb...

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I have noticed that there is a sluggishness when it’s hot out on regular, if its over 85f.

So I put premium in when it’s hot out and if I’m expecting to tow.

I’m averaging 13l/100km on 33” 10ply revo3’s in mixed driving.

I do have a catch can as the blow by oil Vapor in my mind would reduce octane rating and I don’t have a problem. I just switched to mobil1 esp 0w-40 to see if less oil is collected and if it less I am sticking with it. 



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I live at 7000' high altitude. I run 87 for daily driver use but put premium in when dropping down to lower altitudes and if going to tow. Never had a knock sensor code or heard any pinging / knocking. 

Premium is .40 - .75 cents more per gallon vs regular 87 octane. Includes sams club.  

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Lets beat a dead horse some more.

My 2 cents is if GM recommends it, use it.

If you cheapskates want to save a few bucks go ahead.

I didn't buy $70,000 truck to save a few bucks on fuel.


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Pretty amusing thread. The technology is there for tuning either way. The mustang had a switch way back decades ago in their SVO for super or regular gas. GM for awhile had tuning for a bump in horsepower and TQ using E-85 in the 5.3. Some manufacturers like Mazda has a bump in horsepower using premium gas, but regular is OK. Your complaint should be to GM. Not someone who wants to save money just cruising down the freeway. I had one of those E-85 5.3. I was tickled to be able to use regular gas cruising down the freeway. E-85 for when I wanted to play. Give me choices I buy your product. Otherwise I shop elsewhere.

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Those that mention durability can't be serious. GM doesn't torture tests these motors millions of miles and hours on premium only, they do the same on regular which is why it can be used, there is no long-term impact on the life of the motor. The savings isn't a couple bucks, premium here is 60 cents more, so roughly $15 a fill up near empty. If you fill up weekly that is nearly $800 extra a year, or probably a months car payment...


This is always a fun article to publish for those against running regular when premium is only recommended; or vise versa for those that think premium makes a difference if regular is all it calls for. 


Is Premium Gas Worth It? We Test High Octane on 4 Popular Vehicles (caranddriver.com)



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