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P-metric vs LT tires

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This is more of a general question rather than specific to these trucks. But my 2020 TrailBoss came with LT275/65 R18 GoodYear DuraTrac tires. I'm considering going to some Bridgestone Dueler Revo AT/3 tires. Costco has the LT rated tires for about $20 more per tire than the P-metric tires. My truck is my daily driver, grocery-getter, school bus, and maybe once a month, I go offroad to my mountain cabin. The most I haul is a couple kayaks to the lake every now and then and occasionally yard waste to the city dump. So considering 99.9% of my driving is in the city/highway and I don't tow anything, would it still make sense to go with the LT tires?

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look at the sticker on the door jamb, that will tell you the tire size and if an optional tire was available. I agree with AJM stick with the tires that have the same rating but maybe you can go from a load range E to a D or C. P is a designation for a tire designed for passenger car use

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I'd go with a standard load rating. Saves weight and increases fuel mileage.


I've been bombing down dirt roads and into the "woods" for years and years on standard P rated tires, never once have I thought, damn I gotta get me some Load Range E tires for this stuff I do.


Over the 12+ years I've been in the tire business, from installing, being the mechanic to working for the one of the worlds biggest tire companies I can you that I've kinda heard it all from customers by now. The people that put LT's on a truck that never uses them like they are suppose to are the ones that complain the most lol. "The tires are louder, I get worse fuel mileage, they don't balance as good, I gotta run 45-50psi just to make them ride good, blah blah blah blah." I just tell them that hey buddy "you're the guy that said I NEED LT tires because they are better and my buddies buddys twice removed uncle said so.....".


Don't work customer service is the moral of that. 😐 I realize that you didn't get the choice of tire when you bought your truck and that is what GM supplied on those trucks. But I don't think it's a downgrade at all to put regular P rated tires on your truck.

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What cam and Silver said. I went through this since I tow (car trailer) and go off in the back country (things like over nights on the white rim trail) and I shopped specifically for P-rated tires. They have plenty of capacity for a half ton truck and you may give up a 3/32's of an inch in tread depth but they will ride better, perform better and be cheaper. 


Unless you are towing regularly close to fully loaded (ditto with payload) or are every weekend exploring the back country then LT tires re over kill. They are designed for HD trucks and extreme off roaders who need the toughness on sharp rocks and cactus thorns. 


Since it came with it you can certainly stick with them, just make sure it is a C-rated tire but I bet the options on those are much slimmer. 


And no, P rated isn't only for a passenger car, most trucks out there have them on. It is passenger vehicle which trucks are, it isn't a down grade. Down grade would be putting street tires on a ZR2 or Rubicon or going with an comfy touring M&S all season on a GT3 instead of high performance tires. You aren't neutering your trucks capabilities one bit switching types.  


Either way you won't go wrong but for your use I would say 100% P/SL (standard load) rated. 



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I'm thinking the same thing. I've only had LT range E tires on my 3/4 and 1-ton trucks, never on a half ton. For my use, a good P tire is better suited than an LT on my 1500. The Duratracs are load range C and I can get more load capacity in some P series tires. I'm looking at Ridge Grapplers in factory size P275/65R18, not the LT version. The P is lighter, better MPG, rides better, and less expensive than the LT without giving up load capacity compared to the factory tires. 

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I dunno. I always use the LT rated tires under my trucks. I like the firmer on road ride and increased durability. 

Currently running Load Range E Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT’s at 35psi. Ride great. Wearing fine. 

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It's all a matter of opinion and everyone's different so to answer the question yes you can use a P rated tire providing it has the proper load rating and save some $ and get a more car like ride. You will have to expirement with tire pressures because an LT tires recommended inflation may exceed the maximum inflation of a P tire. Never exceed the maximum inflation thats marked on the tire

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Well I decided to go with the LT tires. Only because there was a longer wait on the P-metric tires and I can't stand the Duratracs anymore. Thanks for the info though guys, next time I'll probably look into the P rated tires.

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Good move IMO. your truck probably weighs around 6000lbs empty so a p tire will have to have a pretty good load rating when you do switch. some unscrupulous tire stores will sell you the correct size tire but the wrong load rating to make it seem like you're getting a good price

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New crew cab trucks only weigh around 5,300-5,500lbs depending on engine.


To edit this, seems I'm off a bit. New trucks are between 5,000-5,200lbs because of lightweight body panels. The K2XX trucks a little more, my truck is 5,500lbs on a cat scale.

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Interesting! my 98 K2500 RCLB weighs in at 6200 with a full fuel tank and me in it but it also has a liftgate on it, My 04 C2500 RCLB hit the scale at right around 5400 with me in it before I put a lift gate on it and I would have thought the bigger cab and extra seats etc of the newer trucks  would have added more weight than that  but I guess they cut as much out as possible to meet CAFE

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