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New guy from North Texas

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Hey what's up? I'm 24 years old and I live just south of Dallas. i recently sold my 05 Tahoe looking to upgrade to a newer 10 or 11. Gotta love the body bodies, ever since my dad had his 99 suburban. That's when i REALLY learned to drive. Damn I had a blast! I used to sneak it out, pick up my buddies and ride around all night. I guess my dad didn't mind since I always brought back in 1 piece or maybe it was the magical full tank he would wake up to. Lol. So that being said his birthday just passed and I want to get him some pure white hid lights for his truck. He has a 09 sierra Texas edition. (Ill post some pics soon) I'm ignorant on most of the subject except the part of the color temperature. I hope to hear from you pros here and help me make the best decision for my old man. Thanks

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