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Aereo - Live streaming OTA HDTV


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About a month ago my wife and I cut the cable cord. We ditched Comcast and signed up for a sweet fiber internet deal with the phone company. Without cable, we're using a Roku, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant, and an antenna to get our single local channel, ABC.


Since dropping cable it's been hard to find everything we used to watch but I recently found a new service that nearly fills in the remaining few channels.




It's a controversial, but as of now completely legal, service that lets you rent an over-the-air antenna and virtual DVR. You're not paying for the HDTV feed, just renting the antenna, which makes it a neat legal side-step to restrictions on streaming local content.


The benefit for me, is up in New Hampshire, I do not get many over the air digital signals. Despite being in the "Boston" market, I'm not in range of a single Boston channel. Aereo, however, lets me get every single over-the-air signal that's broadcast in Boston. It also includes a DVR. I can watch and use Aereo on my computer or Roku. Best of all, it's only $8/month. A steal compared to cable TV.


Anyone else using Aereo? Until a few days ago, I never even knew this type of service existed!

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No a lot of what I watch I cant get on Netflix or Hulu. I have a $160 cable/net bill. Thats after I ditched my sports package and HBO/Cinemax. It was over $200


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