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Heated seats not working

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Bad news..

Took my truck in today for the heated seats and the service guy said: GM is working on the new part # for the heated mat element.. No ETA have been given and no heated seats will be replace til the new parts is available....

Time to look at other brand....

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  • 4 weeks later...

On a previous visit to the dealer neither element in either seat worked. They replace only the driver bum heater as this was the only part that they had available. This only got the driver seat base working.


March 18/2014 Heat Mat element arrived - Dealer installed passenger seat base( bum) heater element.


Surprisingly replacing only the pass. seat element fixed the pass back heat and drivers side back heat as well.

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I had a 2007 ltz and loved it, but after 6 weeks in the dealership trying to fix cab leaking issues and mold in the carpets etc. (they finally fillled the sunroof with silicone caulk to the tune of $700) GM Detroit was nice enough to give me a tiny cash voucher ($2500 whoo hoo!) to get a new truck (only had 52k on the 2007 and it was paid off and in perfect condition otherwise)......... I was gonna wait to buy a new truck but because they said there would not be any rebates/incentives on the 2014's any time soon I went ahead and got one........ that was my 1st mistake.... two months later - $7500 in rebates/incentives available I could have gotten! thanks for that GM!


Now at almost 4000 miles my fully loaded LTZ 1500 Z71 $50k truck has been in for 6 recalls (at the dealership for 3 days), one of which supposedly will burn the truck to the ground, then the freakin seat heaters quit, so they replaced the pads and (4 other parts) they worked for exactly 6 days. (at the dealership for another week)


So back she goes, but this time they replace the chrome door handles because the chrome is literally falling off of them!! LOL Plus the seat clunk when I go around corners. (this time another 4 days)


Then, I was told seat parts are on indefinite back order and they cant fix them........ (can you say Lemon Law) So I said fix them or take back the truck and give me my money. So they took two seats out of another truck on the lot, these seat heaters work great.................... only one problem...... they dont have the safety seat vibrate function like the old one did....... Back to the dealership yet again!


Now im told they might have to put old seat back in and just live without the heated seats........ awesome! Its good to know they stand behind their product!


I have owned more Gm trucks than I have fingers, most of which were fully loaded 1/2 or 3/4 ton trucks some diesel, most gas..... This is the first time I found myself on a Ford lot looking at their trucks....


what could GM do to regain my loyalty???????? about a $7500 refund would be a start! And maybe a truck that everything works as advertised would be good....... just sayin!


I tried several times with the 800 number customer service, even started a case, dont waste your time, they will professionally blow smoke up your bum and tell you to have a nice day!

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I just picked my truck up today for the same reason. It took them 23 days to fix it. They had to install a new blower. The heated seats work by air being pushed past a heated element. This did not work and they ended up replacing the entire front seats. I have 7k on my truck mostly from driving from Florida to Washington. It was in the shop for for 6 days, after two weeks of owning it to replace the intelink. If that wasn't enough whoever washed the truck before I picked it up today damaged the driver side window tint. But since that is a dealer option not GMC I get to pay out of pocket to replace. Ps don't leave nice sunglasses hanging from mirror when you take it in, they will end up under the seat and scratched. I have had this truck for 96 days, 29 of which has been at GMC service garage. I wish I never sold my 2002 2500hd. 10 years and only had to replace the front passenger side power window motor. Never owned a Ford never wanted to, but think its time to trade this in for a F150.


Is this blower you are talking about from the heated and cooled seats? Because if you just have heated seats there is no fan involved. The elements are just under the fabric/leather on the non cooled seats.


But it is not thr first vehicle they built either. They been doing this for 100 years. It is their business. The argument about first runs only goes so far.

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I was looking to purchase a 2014.5 silverado 2500hd to replace my 2007 2500hd but after owning the 14 Silverado for 6 months now i am really considering going to a Ram heavy duty.

GM needs to get their crap together if you want to take $$$ off of me and deliver a product with so many bugs.

Love the drive but the little things are taking the shine away.

Ps I love the mud guards forward of the rear wheels that are completely trashed after 6 months. Way to go quality control ! Did you save a few bucks on the cheap plastic ? Now your going to take it up the anus with costs to ship replacement parts out to all your poor customers.

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My heated seats also stopped working shortly after I bought the $50k 2014 Crew Cab z71 ltz truck. After a second trip to the dealer I had them sit in it while I was still there so they could see that the back wasnt getting warm. They replaced the blower motors and heating elements in both seats. It worked for a short period and is now occassionaly working like it was before. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. Taking it back on Tuesday.


I also had a spark plug wire come off causing the eng light to come on. Repaired under warranty

steering wheel leather peeling up. Replaced steering wheel under warranty

grab handle on passenger side seperating from headliner. Parts on order

heated seat inop. Repaired under warranty - Broken again

steering wheel control for radio stations. States no favorites found occassionaly on dic. Have to manually change it then the controls will work again. I have a video of this so they cant say they cant duplicate it. Taking in on tuesday.

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