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First Drive: Chevy's 2.7L Turbocharged Four Cylinder


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5 hours ago, Campier said:

355 hp and 383 lb.-ft. of torque on my 5.3L V8 from 2014 vs 310 hp and 355 lb-ft on this turbo L4. 


I tow a travel trailer with 50 sq.ft. frontal area. Power does make a difference when towing at highway speeds, which for me is 60 mph. Will the loss of 25 hp make a difference?


I use a commuter car for my daily driver, so the stop and go fuel economy specs don't matter to  me. However, I applaud GM for making a truck that has the same city mpg as my 3000 lb Celebrity from 30 years ago. 

25 hp maybe not as much. But 45 hp will be noticeable. ;)


so long


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So I got 22.5 MPG driving about 100 miles to eat turkey and dressing in a 2018 with the 5.3 V8. Over 18 MPG in city driving. Why do I want a four banger?

You don’t...none of us do LOL

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1 hour ago, MaverickZ71 said:

$51,000 for a light duty truck with a 4-cylinder engine with a big hairdryer hung on it.  Un-frakkin-believable.


PS  No sale here, GM.  

Well they did say it was ''value'' engineered. lol. They just did not say who's favor the value tips to .....you or them !!!!

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