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Overheating problems!

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So just this past friday one of the heater hoses blew on the way to work. The next day the thermostat and the hose were replaced, with no leaks of any kind thereafter.


Fast forward to Monday afternoon, after nearly 50 miles in over 100 degree weather the truck is fine, but on the way home I got off the highway and was at a red light. That's when the truck began to overheat again, going all the way past the 3/4 mark. I made it to a gas station and it cooled off slightly as I pumped gas, but was barely able to get home. So later that night the fan clutch was replaced because it seemed like it wasn't cooling at slow speeds or during idle.


Another fast forward to today, Tuesday, when it ran another seemingly perfect day in highway, city streets, and some more highway, I was pretty upbeat! And then.... nearly the same thing happened! I was pretty close to home when the temperature needled starting rising little by little. I pulled of the highway and began to take the streets because I didn't want to be stuck in rush hour traffic with an overheating engine.


So over roughly 7 miles the needle only crept to the 3/4 mark but stayed there consistently, so I thought that was a little odd.


Having said all of that, what is your guy's opinion about this problem? I honestly don't know where to go from here.


The water pump is about two years old, there aren't any leaks and the engine is completely fine as there aren't any signs of internal problems or water in the oil. When she's not hot she runs perfectly so I'm grateful for that.


I hope you guys with more experience can help me out asap! I will really appreciate it.



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The thermostat was replaced along with the hose. So hopefully it's just air in the system? Because what would explain its ability to drive for 30mins (give or take) in 110 degree weather and then start to overheat at the very end?


More help please guys!

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You MAY have a clog in the radiator tubes, especially if it heats up while standing still, and then cools down when driving.


I would get the radiator flushed either way.

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I checked the engine bay over and something continues to bother me, and it may have to do with what you guys are saying about clogged hoses and a radiator. There is a sandy material below the bleeder valve at the bottom left of the radiator. If that stuff came out, chances are that there's more of it in the system.


I'll see what I can do after work today.


And considering that it almost makes it home in a single shot, I'm considering making my drive a multi stage event. Stopping somewhere for a while and then after it cools finally make it home. :smash:


And thanks for all of your helps!

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Basic procedure:




1) Get a jug of DEXCOOL.

2) Park on level ground.

3) The engine needs to be cool, or just slightly warm is fine too.

4) Add fluid in the surge tank until the level is slightly above the split line on the tank (an inch or so).

5) Put cap back on loosely, don't allow it to build pressure.

6) Start engine and let it idle for a minute.

7) Cycle the engine from idle to 3000rpm in 30-second intervals until
the engine coolant reaches operating temp and the thermostat opens.

8) Shut off engine and remove the cap.

9) Start engine and let it idle for a minute. Fill the tank to 1/2 inch
above the "Cold Full" mark on the tank & put cap back on loosely.

10) Cycle the engine like before and wait for the thermostat to open again, then shut off the engine.

11) Put more fluid in if necessary, the fluid should be a half-inch or so above the Cold Full mark.

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Ok, I followed the procedure as closely as possible. Hopefully this solves my dilemma, although I won't know soon because I'll start carpooling tomorrow and she won't be driving the same distances as she's been doing for the past two weeks.


Thank you to everyone who pitched in!

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So..... I was driving around town today and as I was getting home she started to overheat again. As usual the temp gauge only went to the 3/4 mark.


It seems like I didn't get the air out of the system correctly or there's something else that's causing the overheating.


I'll attempt the cooling system bleeding once again one of these days just to make sure. If it doesn't work I'll flush the system as best as possible.

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