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2 in level kit 295/60/20 on stock rims

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I have a 2019 Silverado LT RWD.  Put on a 2in rough country level kit with 295/60/20 Nitro Terra Grappler G2 on the stock rims.  There is no rub at all!  All clear pulling in and out of the driveway and at full lock!  It was close at discount tire when they did the test fit but it worked.  The only issue I have is after my alignment my steering wheel is a little off center to the right.  Not bad but annoying on a brand new truck.  They realigned it 4 times and came close but no luck getting it exactly centered.  I gave up.  The truck drives straight though.


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I haven't driven it a lot since the level and tires but so far I haven't loss much gas mileage.  Maybe 1 mpg.  Update on the centered steering wheel.  I went to the dealership and they said they could center it.  They said they can get me in in a week...we'll see what they can do.  I told them I've tried multiple times at a different shop but they said they can do it.


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There was a Silverado at the dealership that had the 2in all around lift from GM that had the same tires on it.  The 2019 AT4 comes with a 2 inch lift so I think you'll be fine.  I paid a $500 deposit at discount tire to order the tires for a test fit and the paid the rest when I saw they fit.  I'm pretty sure you won't have any problems as long as you keep the stock rims.

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So 295 is as wide as I've seen on stock rims.  Do you think you could have fit a 305?  That's only 10mm total wider so 5mm more inside.  That's about .2 inches.  Not much.  But every mm matters here.  I've seen on the K2s that folks ran 305/55r20 with a .25" backspacer.  That would offset it to about what you have so that makes sense.


I'm interested in the 305/55r20 because they come in lighter p rated tires, look aggressively wide, but arent too much bigger diameter than stock. 

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It will be very close.  Mine don't rub but were close to the back side of the wheel well and the control arm.  There was only a few millimeters of clearance.  I would do a test fit if you can first.  If the 305/55 doesn't fit you will be happy with the 295/60.  My tires are basically 34 in diameter but it didn't throw off my speedometer and the acceleration is still great.  I checked the speedometer with the speed on my phone's GPS at 70 mph and it was showing the same.  The pros of my tire size are the truck rides slightly higher, it fills the wheel well nicely, and it still looks a lot wider than stock tires.  It's amazing how much better the truck looks with just a 2in level and a large A/T tire.  My dad just got the same exact truck as mine except in Cajun red.  The difference in stance is very noticeable when they are parked next to each other.  The only problem is now I'm starting to second-guess the color I got lol.  Post some pics when you get your new tires put on.


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