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Infotainment Screen Black When Using Remote Start

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2020 Chevy HD with 9K miles started doing same thing as discussed. Remote start works, but upon entering vehicle, apply brake, and hit start button, everything turns on, EXCEPT infotainment screen. Have to shut off vehicle and restart. After 3 days of doing this every morning, my battery was dead. Dealer picked up vehicle. Ran some tests, all was good with alternator and battery, unplugged battery for awhile, performed regular maintenance and service that was due. Truck has been fine for a week now. 

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On 1/22/2021 at 2:41 PM, bigman32hockey said:

I think the OTA Update addressed this issue, along with several other software glitches.  I just did the update this evening.  Only took about 10 minutes.

so it's finally available?


EDIT: checked yesterday. my truck said no update available. I think it said last update was sept

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I joined this forum because of this post, but I wanted to say my truck started doing this within a day or two of getting an oil change at my dealership. Has anyone gotten the update OTA recently? I just checked on my 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 AT4 and I got "No Updates".


@kylant did your truck ever update?

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25 minutes ago, xaositek said:

I joined this forum because of this post, but I wanted to say my truck started doing this within a day or two of getting an oil change at my dealership. Has anyone gotten the update OTA recently? I just checked on my 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 AT4 and I got "No Updates".


@kylant did your truck ever update?

yes it did. a few days ago I checked and it was available. didn't take very long to do

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Quick update and the madness continues:

  • Reviewed v150 upgrade on my radio successfully on Wednesday, February 10, 2021 - all functions now work, I can remote start my truck and the radio works, SiriusXM works again, and my WiFi doesn't stay on beyond a couple minutes
  • Talked to my dealership and while all seems well on the surface, there was a fault code they could see internally on the radio and advised it should still be replaced
  • Radio Module is being replaced under warranty on Friday, February 12, 2021
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    • By Szilla
      I have a 2012 Suburban, owned since new.  Yesterday the key fob / remote / keyless transmitter stopped working.  It stopped, then worked a couple times to unlock, then quit completely.  I assumed it was a bad battery (10+ years old), so I replaced it with a new battery, still didn't work.  I have the second remote that's only been used a couple times when the keys were "lost", and it doesn't work either.  No response from any buttons.  I checked the batteries in both, and both batteries are at 3.3 volts.  I pulled the DSM fuse for 5 minutes and then disconnected the vehicle battery for 5 minutes, no change.  I have tried holding the remote right next to where (I think) the RCDLR is in the left-rear pillar, still no response.  The TPMS system works fine, reading all 4 tires correctly with no errors.  I hooked up my ODB2 scanner, and it doesn't show any codes.

      Do I have two dead remotes?  Or has the RCDLR partially stopped working?  I called the dealer, all they said was "buy a new remote, your two remotes have died".  I asked, why would an unused 10 year old remote die?  No answer, just come in and buy one.  I have no faith in my dealership's service department based on previous repairs unfortunately, so I thought I'd ask here.  My local locksmith will attempt a re-sync for $50, but they said if they're both not working it's not that.  Unfortunately this year model won't allow the user to add or reprogram a remote.
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      When I set "maximum start-up volume" to a good level, it will hold for a couple of starts.  then it reverts to a very loud start-up volume.  Radio blasts loudly until we turn it down.  Reset maximum start-up volume repeatedly but will not hold.  always reverts to loud start up volume.  service department has not heard this problem, but a friend with a 2021 silverado has the same problem, exactly.
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