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Will I need to trim?


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Quick question i ordered new wheels and tires I went with a 17 inch wheel and went from a 265/65 18 to a 275/70 17, I'm wondering if It will fit with out a level and minimal trimming?


Picture of the wheel I ordered below


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1 hour ago, Erik291 said:

Im gonna say no, you shouldnt have to. Thats only slightly bigger then factory size

Ok, I want thinking i needed to but wanted to be sure, I'll have to test fit before i take them home then

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Thank you! Ill post up the pics of the wheels and tires once they get here, I was told last monday that they should be here by friday but they werent so hopefully they show up tomorrow!

2 hours ago, Darksky said:

Congratulations on your wheel choice. That is a very interesting wheel. Please post pictures once they are installed.

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Well the only update I have so far sadly, is that my wheels are back ordered. It has been nothing but a PITA. My local discount tire told me that they would be there a few days after Christmas, I called on the 31st they told me that they did not receive them I waited till Friday the 4th and called for an update. They informed me that the manufacturer will have them back ordered to the end of February at the latest, but potentially by then end of January. Still have not received any up data from them in a couple weeks. 


I went with BFG K02 in 275/70 17 on a walker Evan's 17x8.5 wheel.


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Finally some good news! I got a call this morning on my way to work from my local discount tire. My wheels are now in! I stopped by to check out the wheels and they look awesome to say the least. I'm taking it over tomorrow morning to have them mount the new tires and tpms and I'll get the truck back on Wednesday morning as I work weird hours and I have to commute to work about 65 miles away. Expect some pictures of it either Wednesday or thursday!

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Walker Evans makes wheels? Interesting. My last 3 snowmobiles have used their suspension. I have mixed reviews on that end of their business, especially their early shocks...


Looks great, with W.Evans being an off-road company, are those functional bead locks? How is the rub if any? The 0 offset should put you about right to not have any. Too much positive offset, you rub the sway bar and UCA, too much negative offset and you rub the bumper, air dam, fender liner. You can always add some 2" lift shocks at a later date, rather than a level kit. Not a fan of them either anymore after installing a RC Level in my brothers F150. Sketchy angles and clearances. 

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