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Adding Rear camera Above Bed

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That’s a backup cam, not the rearview mirror cam.

I will say that in combo with the side mirrors and this mirror, there are ZERO blind spots. Literally no need for the blind spot monitoring because you can see everything.

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K it works. Zero programming needed plug and play. When I have time to compile everything I’ll do a whole write up. Get your parts on order.

I don’t think either of you read what I’ve typed. Here is what you need: Spoiler assembly with camera (black) 84515287 Mirror 13532977 Coax cable 84335461 You do NOT need to buy the PN I ACCIDENTA

Mirror came in, waiting on the camera, should be here Monday. Powers up perfect with the plug that’s glued inside the headliner. I’ll post a full install with PN needed next week.

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On 11/14/2019 at 7:56 PM, FiatDale said:

I’ll do a write up, but it’s tricky to not screw up the headliner by putting a crease in it. Also, I use air tools which made things 10x easier because some of the 10mm are hard to get to with the headliner in your way.

Does this spoiler look complete with required wiring?



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12 hours ago, FiatDale said:

The lamp bolts to the spoiler with 4 torx. Piece of cake to swap out

Could you post a pic of two connecters on mirror? And a couple pics of buttons on mirror if you have time?



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1 hour ago, FiatDale said:

It may show on amazon, but will it actually get delivered? Probably not. Worth a try

Yeah I was surprised for sure, I googled part number and amazon was first hit, said one left so I took a shot.  I received cable yesterday with 2 day shipping.


Just checked amazon it now states will ship in 6-10 days

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On 12/5/2019 at 1:23 PM, FiatDale said:

That’s awesome you were able to score one!

I removed to two rear plastic panels that are at the upper rear corners of back seat. (Rear seat belt slide through them)  I can see the two bolts on each corner. Are these the only bolts that hold spoiler to truck? Are the middle ones “panels pops”? Just want to make sure only those 4 bolts to remove before I start prying this off tomorrow. Thanks again for all the help!

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