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New-to-me '01 Suburban, rolled-back odom, need tune-up ideas

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Like the title reads, just bought a used '01 Suburban only to find out when getting the tag/regestration that the odometer has been rolled back (ECM mucked with).


Not delvling into the emotions I've run through. period.


First thing I did when I got it home was to change the oil, oil filter, top off the coolant and to top off the power steering fluid.


I checked the computer for trouble codes and there are none, although I'm not sure I trust this seeing as the ECM has been mucked with...any way to diagnose the ECM? Is the ECM what they would have played around with when they rolled the milage back?


Also I have had to change out the interior dimmer switch cluster, the driver's side power window switch cluster, power mirror switch, and popped out a dent in the rear door. I also removed the ugly horiz. exterior pinstripes and LT Autoride stickers.


Now to the meat of the question, if your still here with me...


What would you suggest I take a look at, flush or plain swap out?


I've got the o2 sensors on order to be delivered in a couple of days.


Thanks for your time and advice..

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I doubt the PCM has been messed with.


Believe it or not, the only thing remembering the truck's mileage is the instrument cluster, meaning the mileage displayed can be changed in five minutes.


Not sure what you're asking about the flush... Regardless, changing the rear gear lube, coolant, plugs and wires, fuel filter, and ATF and filter change wouldn't be bad ideas after acquiring a new vehicle no matter what kind of mileage it has on it.

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oldscsc, the fluid question should have mentioned ATF fluid. -must have lost that when I edited the thread.


thank you for the responses, this is exactly what I was hoping for, a sort of punch list for a high mileage truck.


thats wild that only the cluster would have been mucked with, but it makes me feel better in a way...


Thanks again, please keep 'em coming.

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If you don't know the condition of the engine, people were talking about paying for oil analysis. I can only suggest obvious stuff like brakes, tire wear, air filter - I think there's a gauge built into the air box - and the a/c. I don't know what else to suggest except if you or a mechanic change fluids look at the condition of the fluids. People here can get clues to potential problems this way.


EDIT 1: Oh if there's an interior air filter like on my '99 Sierra, you might want to pull it out, clean the duct, and replace it. Mine's under the glove box, replacement instructions were in the manual I think.


EDIT 2: Battery life? I've wanted to look up the date if possible. Check jack/jumpers/spare etc. are in proper place in case you need them.

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Yeah, I neglected to mention that I immediately swapped out the battery and air filter.


Great call, michael-a, on the jack/jumpers and spare. I am missing the jack. *ugh


This forum seems to be a wealth of information. Thanks guys.

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Mileage is stored in the Instrument cluster. How much do you think the mileage has been "adjusted" by? The previous owner could have simply replaced the cluster at some time with a lower mileage unit. You can have samples of trans fluid and engine oil tested to aid in finding out their condition


Engine oil

Transmission fluid

Power steering fluid

Brake fluid flush

Differential lube

Fuel filter


Belts,hoses & T-stat

Engine air filter

Cabin filter (if equipped)

Check ball joints, tie rods etc.

Grease all applicable fittings on front end and possibly the drive shaft u-joints.

Check front wheel bearings for play

Check brake pads/shoes

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txab, great list. Thank you.



It's the difference in ~100k miles. :M16:


I bought it believing there were ~115k miles on the truck. The sweet lady at the DMV shook her head and said, "Sweetie, last time this truck was registered it was done so with 182K miles".


Now, seeing the truck is over ten years old, and being here in Georgia, that is all that is needed to exempt the milage from the registration. However, I am still left with a stinging...


I bought this truck with the understanding that I would have it until the wheels fell off. So, with some attention and some TLC I hope to breathe some life into her.




In addition to cleaning her out (fluids, lube etc.) I would like to add a cold air intake...but one that pulls from the fender well. I would also like to put some *performance exhaust lines on her. Any suggestions for these?

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The stock intake pulls air from the fender well. I wouldn't mess with it -- your gains (if you even get any) won't ever even get close to earning your money back.


These engines, assuming they've been properly maintained, are usually good for at least 300k miles. The rear ends are usually trouble free as well. The driveline weak point is the transmission on these trucks, sadly. A fluid and filter change (not flush -- just dropping the pan) is the best thing you can do for it.


Also, remember that the AC compressor is run off it's own belt. It's pretty easy to miss if you don't know it's there. It's on the passenger side of the engine...taking the intake off makes it easier to spot from the top.

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I would recheck with them on the mileage, a few years ago the clerk put my truck mileage on the wifes car and the car mileage on the truck, and the next year when I got tags she said something about the miles being wrong on both of them and she was able to look back two or three years and was able to fix the issue!! And she did it with a smile and that's ok honey it happens all the time.!!!!!!! So before I think that I got screwed I would check it all out to see what is right or not. :jester:

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I've done what I can. Learn from me here when I say this, and if you already know this "should be rule" be patient as others may not know it...


When you purchase a vehicle have the seller sign the title in front of you. This does a couple of things, first it ensures that you are one degree from your seller and two, provides you with leverage against a would-be ghost if the vehicle you are buying is not what they say. Elaborated: when I bought the truck, the title was signed (not too much stock was put into this by me at the time) and all I had to do was fill out my info, sign and date it then pay the man....each of us signed my bill of sale (didn't notice a different signature on the bill of sale compared to the title) and I went on my merry way.


What this guy did was went and bought the truck from Person 'A'. Person 'A' signed the title and he (the liar) did not. The liar went and rolled back the milage and posted the thing on Craigslist. Person 'B' comes along, checks out the truck and decides to buy it. The liar supplies the title forges the bill of sale and rides off into the sunset.


At this point the liar is nothing more than an aparation, a spirit, a ghost. For all 'legal' purposes there is VERY little I can do without stumbling accross this liar personally as it appears that I bought the truck from a man I have never met.


Now, I have made contact with Person 'A' and he is not 'the liar'.


That is where I am...when I boil it down...I overpaid for my truck.


Now, there are some legal fish hooks in the water that I am hoping to catch a break with...but I'm not holding my breath.


Brings me full circle to where I am today in looking into how to extend the life of my bastard baby.


**EDIT: I almost forgot, the title had the milage of 182,XXX listed on it. Only I did not notice the '1' as the liar conveniently folded the paper over on the 'one' in the milage listing so it was not visible. They worked the crease enough to get rid of it's visiblility....so what I read was 82,XXX and that sounded about right seeing that the truck itself had 115K.

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