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Brighter LED DRLs? Yup!

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To all the GMC guys...I've got the fix!

Firstly, just want to thank @spurshot for inspiring me to put this into motion. Ever since I saw the 14+ GMC's, I thought to myself hmm...I wonder if it's possible to make those bright DRL LED's run the same at night.



I probably wouldn't have dived into this if it wasn't for Spurshot's How-To on the Fogs w/Highs as I used the same idea with this. So here it is, using the same 1N4004 diodes:


BCM X4 (Black Connector)
Pin 1 to Pin 7
Pin 2 goes to Pin 7 on BCM X5 (Brown Connector)

See pictures below for the schematics.













And yes...I'm putting in HID's this weekend. Just picked up a 2015 Denali CC 6.2L/8spd in exchange for my 2014 High Country and the mods are still in progress!

Enjoy :thumbs:

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Does the stripe on the diode go towards the headlamp low beam?

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I may look to see about tying in with fog lights. That way both my fog and DRL will come on with my brights and I still won't be blinding anyone with the lows. But I need more diodes before I can. I will reference both this and other thread.


Looks like x5#10 to both x4&x5 #7

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Are they on with lows or highs....or both.

Can you tell the difference on the road?


They are connected to the Low Beam Pins so they will come on anytime the low beams are on. No difference on the road as these are not high power LEDs - they do not have high light output, only for looks.


Does the stripe on the diode go towards the headlamp low beam?

Stripe on the diode goes toward the DRL as that will prevent the flow of electricity from the DRL circuit to engage the low beams in the daytime.


any night time pictures? does it stay on during high beam?


I will have night time pictures after I install my HIDs. Yes they will stay lit when the high beams are activated.


Where exactly is this connector located? Any pictures of the actual diodes installed?


These connectors are located in the BCM which is under the driver side dash.




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Nice! I guess I'm picking up some diodes on my lunch break tomorrow. Thanks for the instructions, great work on figuring this out!

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