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New here just made an account to ask a few questions but I'll stick around for a little while. I have a 12 Silverado 5.3 LC9 114xxx miles. I had cylinder 7 throw a misfire code pulled plug and it was oil fouled. I'm getting the notorious litter noise. I don't know exactly how much oil it is consuming but I would guess at least 2 qts every 2-2500 miles. I guess my question is should I even worry about the lifters going out with that much oil lost and the cyl 7 plug fouling out? Or should I just save my money and put toward a new engine? I don't mind pulling the heads and putting lifters in but if it needs pistons anyway I guess I'm thinking what's the point. 



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I'd try disabling the AFM/DoD system first, then see how badly it still eats the oil.


We still aren't talking new engine territory yet if you ask me. The same engine could be kept if all you had to do was clean up the cylinder walls with a quick drill hone job, clean up the pistons and install new piston rings and have the cylinder heads checked over.

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If you don’t mind doing the work, pulll the heads and look everything over. If all is good you can do as already mentioned and hone with new rings and reassemble. You can do AFM delete if you would like or just replace the stock lifters.


Good time for a water pump and oil pump and you got an engine for another 200-300k.

spend maybe $1000 doing AFM delete and new pumps. 

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Wish OP would check in, I have a 12 that is starting to have a rough idle when you pull up to a SS or red light. I parked it before any damage was done, but when you took off from the SS it immediately ran great from there, it's just when you come to a complete stop it idles rough. I'm thinking the Range Tech plug in AFM disabler may be my best option, sure worth 200 bucks to give it a try. Anybody ?

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    • By MiPinner
      We have a 2016 Yukon 6.2L which developed a rattle at approximately 60k miles. Initially I believed the source of the rattle was a heat shield, but everything seems to be tight. It has been to the dealer twice and no progress has been made to resolve the issue. The first time they dismissed the problem and called it "normal" and the second time they believe it's a broken baffle weld in the muffler. What do you think? Thanks in advance
      Video with several angles from under the vehicle demonstrating the issue. The problem only surfaces when the vehicle inters v4 mode. Also, the rattle is so loud it is picked up by the Knock Sensors and it pulling timing. Scan performed with HP Tuners VCM Scanner.
    • By ls5454ss
      Hey all.  So, my father's 2017 Silverado (base level cluster) shows if the truck is in 8 cyl or 4 cyl AFM mode in the DIC.  However, I cannot seem to find any way to tell what AFM mode I am in on my 2020 Sierra 1500 with the base level cluster/DIC.  Does anyone have any clue how you can tell what mode the truck is running in?  The main reason I'm asking is because I want to get one of the Range AFM disablers, and I'd like to see, live, if it ever switches in to 4 cyl mode.
      Thanks in advance for any help you can provide
    • By TheStug
      2012 Silverado 4X4  Ext Cab LC9 with 101k miles.
      As the title states, I have a unique situation. The cab and bed are entirely off of my truck (T-bone damage), thus I thought this would be a good time to do a DOD delete as well as any other recommended upgrades or repairs WHILE THE CAB AND BED ARE OFF! I haven't looked at too many kits yet (Scoggin Dickeys, Texas Speed, WS6Store, etc) and still figuring what I need/don't need. Definitely would like to put in a mild performance cam if it isn't too much extra.
      I'm new to these trucks, so I don't know all the weak spots other than the DOD system. Basically, I'm interested in bulletproofing the system much like 6.0 powerstroke owners had to do.
      I just heard about the oil pickup o-ring. WTH! Wow GM.... Worth it to do this at the same time as the DOD probably. Something about a AFM plate in the oil pan? But I'm open to your input. What else? something about timing chain guides??? I vaguely remember something about a fuel system issue being pretty common as well?
      Sorry if I am all over the place. SO many questions right now. I just got the cab off yesterday and pretty much planning on ordering what I need by the end of this week
      Be doing all the work myself
    • By Scott Lamb II
      2008 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT 5.3 Vortec. 2WD.     I've got a head scratcher here. So filling up the other day, I went to start the truck, and acted like it didn't have any fuel to start. Either that or fouled plugs. Took a few tries and started hard, idled rough for about a minute and then was running good. It's been cooler outside as its winter, roughly in the 20s and 30s. But the truck was already at operating temperature. It's happened twice now after I've filled up and no other time does it do it.                                                  Few things: Around 3 weeks ago I forgot to replace the gas cap, lost it on the road. Didn't replace it until the first time it started hard. I've recently changed the oil. Along with that I used a lucas oil additive made for variable valve timing. I also used a fuel treatment for carbon deposits. After looking with my telescope camera, it did its job.                                                                                    Now I did get 2 codes. P0171 and P0174. Bank 1 and Bank 2 Too Lean. Definitely running on the lean side. After this last hard start, I had my scanner hooked up reading the live data, Fuel Trim (Lngshft1 and Shrtshft1; Lngshft2 and Shrtshft2) was low. Lngshft1 and ShrtShft Bank 1 showed fuel trim at start up was -10.4% on Shrtshft1 and -25.6% on Lngshft1. Running very lean on bank 1, and bank 2 was also running lean. I did clean the MAF sensor, replaced the air filter. Check for vaccum leak for about an hour and could not find one. Fuel pump is good, runs just fine. Got out the multimeter and everything seems to check out.                                                      I'm thinking its possibly the fuel filter, maybe a bad MAF, purge valve, or O2 sensor. I've been researching for a few days and looking over the truck but cant figure it out. Rather than going through the task of replacing everything and hoping it works, I figured I'd see if anyone else and had similar problem and found the solution. It runs great any other time, MAF showing correct numbers, same with Fuel Trim showing normal numbers. It's only when I fill up. Maybe a fuel pressure issue somewhere.
    • By smokytrail
      Beating a dead horse here...
      Have a Denali 6.2 that I just purchased from CarMax (with an extended warranty/Thank God!)
      Tapping sound from the start.
      Ran two tanks of 91 octane to eliminate possible octane knock.
      Took me past the 7 day return policy and 30 day standard warranty with CarMax.  Didn't really bother me because of the factory warranty.
      Truck looked brand new. Even had the wrapping on the DVD player.
      Popped the hood and started looking for an exhaust leak.  I found a donut/flange laying on the crossmember.
      Took it to the dealership.  Found that the truck had two new fuel injectors and a new Catalytic Converter.  Someone was searching for the cause of the sound.
      Dealership tightened some gaskets and said the truck was good to go.
      It made the deafening tapping noise on the way home.
      I returned the truck to the dealership.  Even though I have purchased 4 vehicles from them in the past to include a current 2019 Arcadia -- they had no loaner for me.
      They kept the vehicle for two more days.  Could not find the cause of the noise.
      I went back to speak with the service manager.  He was not happy.
      He went on a ride with me and heard the noise.  Claimed it was the transmission searching for the proper gear.  
      Weird because the noise happens constantly -- to include start up and idle.
      Told me his 6.2 made same noises and it was normal.
      Finally took it back to CarMax.  They sent it back to same dealer with a promise to pay for diagnostics. 
      Miraculously, dealer finds lifters to be the issue.
      I'll keep updated on status of cam, etc.
      I think I'll trade this lemon in on a diesel or anything without AFM.
      Will also not be purchasing from Bob Howard GMC in Oklahoma City.
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