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Hey All! New to the site and new Chevrolet owner. I have a 17' Silverado in the Scar'e blue (or deep ocean metallic)

Anyway its new to me but only has 30000kms (18700 miles)  on it and I seem to notice the paint is weak!

I have a ton of scratches on the rockers where the pervious owner must of dragged his feet to get it and even on my box right after the mud guard where its rocker guarded, i;ve noticed chips.

Now its cold here in northern Ontario, but I bought a paint pen and spring is around the corner

anyways! Do any of you have this issue of weak paint? and if so do any of you know about the strength of the primer (like will it take a while to rust?)


Thanks !!!

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On 3/3/2021 at 6:32 PM, KDP85 said:

Is the primer good? 

No doubt the paint is very fragile, I have scratches and chips everywhere but for a seven year old truck it's really not too bad. Nothing a good annual detail or touch up pen hasn't fixed.

With regards to the primer, I'm not too familiar on the science behind how the K2s were painted from the factory, but I will say that they are pretty dang resistant to corrosion. Granted, they're not terribly old yet, but I have yet to see a K2 with any sort of rust on the exterior paint and if there is one it's very rare. Just as an example, I have a nasty scratch/dent near my driver's side headlight that was the result of an object hitting me on the highway almost five years ago that hasn't shown any signs of rust whatsoever. My bed is also painted (no liner) and was used for work by the previous owner, totally abused, but it hasn't rusted at all!

So yeah, the paint is incredibly delicate. It's very frustrating, especially for you I'm sure because of that nice color. Fortunately, if any rust shows up it is in very small areas to the point where you can just dig it out and touch the area up. Had a nasty chip on my tailgate that was pretty deep; ended up showing signs of rust. Touched it up and now it's a distant memory! Hopefully this information helps you out. 🙂

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Similar experiences here with my white '17. Started noticing paint chips on the front fender, both doors, rocker panel, and now rear fender. Touched them up last fall before it got cold here in Minnesota. Will need to make another pass when things warm up again. Encouraging to hear that rust doesn't seem to be a major issue - fingers crossed that's the case. 

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I hear you on the thin, brittle, fragile paint. I have some marks on the rocker below the door as well. This is where the older generation of trucks had a better design IMHO. The door covered the side of the rocker. I know the K2 and T1 trucks are triple sealed doors but we have a 2013 GMT900 in the family and that truck is just as quiet as my 2018. 

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Pepper is now going on seven years since manufacture and at first I cursed this paint. Applied so thin it never reaches full color depth. Then I got a few chips and even hit once and discovered that while the color coat is indeed thin the clear coat is awesome. What it is, it's hard. Yes hard paint chips easier BUT during repairs it is VERY forgiving. I can fill and color sand to near perfection with an art brush and some patients. I have to point out the defects for ANYONE to notice them (except the first one I was still learning on). My paint guy wanted to hire me for lot repairs LOL. Yea, not all paints are that forgiving. I find the primer top drawer EXCEPT on white trucks. (Code WA 8624) Whatever they put under that color.....junk....Color too. 

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