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2019 GMC Sierra Caught On Film Wearing Next To Nothing

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Zane Merva

Executive Editor / Publisher, GM-Trucks.com



Only a few short days after capturing our first look at the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado without cladding for the first time, our unflagging spy photographer has done it again. This time however, the Silverado's next gen twin, a 2019 GMC Sierra got the once over. Just like the Silverado, the T1XX Sierra has shed all of it's body-disguising cladding for a more visually revealing "camo-only" set of clothes. 


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Our photographer reports:



We got our best look by far at the 2019 GMC Sierra 1500, thanks to this new prototype caught testing in a revealing, body-hugging graphic wrap.

The 2019 Silverado dropped to this level of camo a couple weeks back, and now the next Sierra pickup has joined in, running on public streets with very little camouflage.  With the heavy vinyl covering gone, and only thin mesh covering the headlights, very little is now left to the imagination on the next-gen Sierra.  It looks as though greater styling differences may exist between the GMC and Chevrolet light-duty truck variants this time around.


New Front Fascia Design Language
While there are are carry-over design elements on the new Sierra’s face, the bottom of the grille gets a new shape with two lower “teeth” at the outer bottom corners, and a raised section spanning the bottom edge.  The headlights look to be complex units, with exposed body work between the middle portion of the headlights and the grille—similar to what we see on the latest GMC Terrain.  The headlights’ LED signature makes a C-shaped (and reverse-C-shaped) arc defining the outer edges of the headlight cluster.  Vertical fog lights are prominently beneath the headlights, housed in pentagonal-shaped insets at the outer edges.  The bumper gets a two-tiered effect, as it accommodates the fog-light housings. 


More Chiseled Surface Development In New Design
While the new wheel arches look softer, and less defined than on the current Sierra, the 2019 truck gets a sharply chiseled character line that creates a beveled edge along the truck bed and window sills, and then slopes downward as it approaches the door-mounted wing-mirrors. 


Tailgate Hunch Suggests Large GMC Badging
The tailgate design looks clean and tidy, but the prototype has a camo-wrapped protrusion suggesting that the GMC Sierra will be graced with a prominent rear badge in the tailgate.  Perhaps the massive RAM on some Ram trucks will get a counter on this GMC pickup.  The tailgate shape suggests a raised portion on the top-center, suggesting a unique shape to the rear gate.  
























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Still hiding to much. Is it going to be unveiled in Detroit?

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19 minutes ago, RyanbabZ71 said:

Still hiding to much. Is it going to be unveiled in Detroit?

That would be my guess but GM has not announced anything yet. 

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The wheel wells look weird.  The rest looks ok what I can see.

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Not impressed. Glad I bought the one I have.

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Bed height looks to have increased. The rear window looks tiny, but it may be because the bed looks so huge. The swept up rear windows makes it look like a large Colorado / Canyon.  I like the door mounted mirrors, more truck-like. They still have that stupid bug catcher gap at the top of the grille. 


The only real question I have is, does it have freakin' rear a/c vents!

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They are camouflaged wheel wells.  They put a filler in the well to round it.  That means they still haven’t let go of the square wells.  wheels and tires are round.  When will they drop the square wells?

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The cab looks comically small compared to the bed.


I guess that's better than Ford's comically large cab size compared to the bed...

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6 minutes ago, Spurshot said:

They are camouflaged wheel wells.  They put a filler in the well to round it.

That's what I was thinking, too.

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Yup, those GM boys toying with everybody's heads on the wheel wells and Oval badging!  LOL This truck looks to be very impressive IMO!  The front end is classic in your FACE GMC and very tied together for MPG's.....the Rear ends look different too and the undercarriage seems higher at lowest point on Rear Diff?  The running boards even look sweet!  Nice little tie in behind the passenger door to step up looks great!  GM is gonna knock this truck out of the park!


I want the GMC 6.2L please!  2023

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The silverado spy shots have rounder wheel wells  The GMC is rond in the front half and squared in the back? WTF  There is no filler on these spy shots.  The older spy shots did have fillers on the camo but htese newer spy shots looks like the trucks are just vinyl wrapped with the fillers removed.  GMC top Chevy bottom

GMCsierra.ldm04.KGP.ed.jpg  SilveradoUD.ns13.KGP.ed II

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This looks waaayyy better than the Silverado now....ugh

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Looks like a tundra & a Colorado had a bastard child !!


Gm, you have lost me as a new truck buyer. 


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Looks to me like a 2500+ sized truck.  Just  too big for us mortals who can't climb up as well anymore.  That said, I like it better than the Silverado.  Less Fordie.

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Really, this is the best they can do with styling? Just another BOX? Can we please get back to some Rolled fenders? This thing looks more and more like a F O R D. The other thing they need to address is fuel mileage vs tow capacity. Forget the bells and whistles. I am really, really sick of the blisters for wheel wells. What happened to the smooth side body?


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      I'm very, very happy with the sound so far.  The only thing I can compare it to is the Flowmaster 40 series which I had on my Avalanche.  I know that sound is subjective, so take this with a grain of salt I guess, but, the Venom 250 sounds sooo much cleaner than the Flowmaster did.  I'm not really sure how else to describe it, just a really great clear rumble.  The flowmaster always seemed to have like a resonance sound.  I've only driven about 4 miles on the highway so far during rush hour, traffic was moving 65 - 70mph but was really heavy.  I was so surprised to hear little to no drone.  I purposely shifted it to 7th and even 6th as I was like the drone is gotta be somewhere! But nope - as the RPMs got higher in 7th and 6th, all you hear is literally the exhaust sound, not a mind numbing drone. I'm going to do a little highway this weekend Saturday or Sunday morning just so I can really get a feel for it without traffic around.
      The AFM v4 mode is not disabled on my truck and I don't have any intentions to get the Range device or tune it out anytime soon. I likely will get my truck tuned once the warranty is out, and at that time I'll most likely have the AFM disabled.  It does have quite the helicopter sound especially as you load up the engine in v4 mode.  Interestingly, it's really only bad at slow speeds, say 20-45mph.  When I was on the highway I noticed it dropped into v4 mode a couple times at 65mph, I don't recall noticing any helicopter sound, I think the higher RPMs must help.  The  8 speed is literally lugging the engine as low as 1000rpm in different gears between 20 - 40 mph, so that has to be the main reason it's so bad in the speed range.  I've just been driving in M7 through the suburbs most of the time, depends if I feel like hearing the noise or not.
      Ok, here is a quick video I took.  Sound got a little distorted unfortunately.  I plan on making a far more thorough video with many points of view, however it'll probably be up to a month before I make it. I'm going to shoot it up north where I don't have to worry about seeing traffic.  I'll make sure to that video on this forum as well. 
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