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I decided I would make a listing of the all time best Government Motors trucks of all time. I HOPE YALL ARE AWARE THAT THIS IS JUST MY OPINION. BUT I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT THIS LIST IS DAMN NEAR PERFECT. I know this because I am a Chevrolet enthusizt. 


List going from best to worst:


1) T1XX-easily the best gm truck gm has ever designed. I love my rst and am thinking about a trail boss due to my love of spacer lifts. 

2) GMT400-kinda hot tbh it’s just a lil’ uglee 

3)K2XX-I like the Z71s and Custums

4) Squarebody-not bad...just a lil’ too square lol

5) gt900-so hot and reliable af. Honestly I put this above Squarebody. 

6)trucks made in late 60s to before squarebody (idgaf what they’re called...Dey ugly tho😂😂😂)


honorable mention: el Camino is May B best truck of all time in my correct opinion 

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70 CST big block Tied with 70SS elcamino. My number 1. Close second 2001 GMC extended cab. SUV 06-08 Trailblazer SS. The ultimate, 2014 GMC with the 01 engine and transmission, 373 gear.

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Think you have GMt800 and 900 confused. AFM killed the GMT900

The rest is clearly opinion. 

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oh..brother!  900's ouch!

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1 year in and the truck is best all time, really needed a laugh today with all that has gone on the last two days so thanks for that! Best is hard to pick as some go by design and aesthetics, others durability and some simplicity to work on and keep running. The K2 hasn't been out long enough to decide if that will give decades worth of dependable running, though it is manufactured at a higher tolerance and should mechanically be able to last longer, just all the electronic gizmos are a question. In terms of aesthetics the 14/15 wins for the K2. Persona fav in terms of looks and durability (and I still see tons on the road) are the 800's. Love the old square body's but they use such old tech it is easy to replace and keep running. The T1 is way too early to tell though design wise it has grown on my but still far from one of the better looking trucks. Mechanically it should be good but again, lets talk in a decade or two. 



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This is a Mod?  

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Generally the newer vehicle would be the "best" vehicle.  However for the time they were built compared to other trucks of the time my pick would be too hard to narrow down. I'm kinda partial to the early-mid 80s trucks though. I really like the cleanness of my current truck, and with the 6.2 may go down as one of my favorite vehicles I've owned.    The new T1 the way it looks, and the stupid stuff deleted (like storage on a lesser trim) and added, will never be on a good ole truck list of mine, falling behind even the 03-07 trucks, they aren't quite as ugly as the new ones.   

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This is easy.

1. Gmt400

2. Squarebody 

3. K2XX 

4. 67-72

5. Advanced design 

6. Taskmaster 

7. GMT800

10. T1XX

and the least reliable truck, the one that brought us collapsed lifters and oil consumption, doesn't deserve to be on the list so I put it at 100 behind the F150, Ram and imports. The GMT900.



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The GMT800s were actually very well made, and before the huge spike in cost hit the full size truck market.

My GMT400 was a good truck for its time, but actually required a lot of upkeep after about 150,000. It wasn't the drivetrain, it was the crappy plastics and rotting wire insulation causing havoc.

I'd rank the three I've dealt with as follows:

1. K2
2. GMT800
3. GMT400

The K2 really hasn't needed much beyond the usual maintenance items, and I pushed my first one really far with no mods like catch can or AFM disabler.

The GMT800 I had was a straight beast. It didn't need anything significant at all before 170,000 miles. The plastics and wiring were still good under the hood when I got rid of it.

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I think y’all need to stop calling it Government Motors. It’s 12 years ago... and since then just about all manufacturers have taken money from the government.

T1 definitely best
Regardless of AFM issues I loved my GMT900’s.
Then C10’s.

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    • By Seapacer2
      Hello Everyone,
      I have been looking at adding a couple of cameras to my 2019 GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali.  These trucks can be difficult to pull into parking spaces and lots, especially if they are smaller.  I just recently raised the front end about 2-3 inches, this has made parking a even bigger challenge.    Yes, when parking I try to back into most of the parking spaces, but sometimes that option isn't available.
      The system I have been looking at is from Echomaster, this system is listed under GM accessories and is labeled Intellihaul.  The multi-camera system comes complete with a interface module, wiring, two (2) cameras that are mounted within a black mirror trim piece that attaches to the bottom of the mirror.  The trim level on my Denali comes with trailer towing mirrors that are all chrome, and I really didn't want to substitute the lower black trim pieces in place of the chrome.   I have seen one and it didn't look that good, on the all black mirrors they look OK (Just my preference). 
      Echomaster has just recently released a new 3rd brake lamp camera that has three (3) different viewing angles within a single camera,  a right 95 degree,  a left 95 degree and a rear 90 degree.  Then all I would have to do is add the front facing camera.  In this arrangment, I would have to utilize a multi-camera module, this module is complete with wiring harness, bracket and OEM interface jumper cable.  However, the new released 3rd brake lamp camera only has one (1) video output.  I would have to hard wire 3 more input triggers to make this function correctly, the left and right turn signals and reverse triggers.  To operate on the OEM radio screen, I would have to depress the "back" button for three (3) seconds until the camera icons appeared on the screen. This would give me the rear cargo area.   To view both the blind spot camera views, I would have to cycle the left or right turn signal depending on which camera I want to view.  I would also have a front facing camera installed in the grill area, which would assist in parking manuevers.  In this setup, I still would have full operation of the OEM backup camera when in reverse.  I think this would be a good option and give me what I was looking for. 
      When I talked to the tech assistance at GM this afternoon, he said that the system would be awkward to operate. I would like something that is plug-n-play, a system that I didn't have to rely on to take to dealer to program the radio, BCM or any other related modules. 
      What is everyone doing about adding cameras to your truck, what sytem and options have you looked at and/or are utilizing?
      Do you like your truck with the camera addition? 
      What are your thoughts?      

    • By Jonathan Floyd
      Has anyone ever got a custom tune to delete the AFM on their truck? I contacted my dealership about it and they gave me a local tuners number. I understand that it could possibly void my warranty if deleting the AFM causes a problem. But has anyone deleted their AFM and had issues? As well what cost should I expect to see to have a tuner delete the AFM.
    • By Jweave
      It feels like a dumb question but me and my friend want to turbo my 2002 gmc envoy slt, it's a 4.2l in-line 6 with all stock internals I'm not sure how strong the factory internals are on that engine and we want to know what we should replace if we even have to. I was thinking lower compression pistons, rods and bearings. Anything I'm missing? 
    • By Zane
      Zane Merva
      Executive Editor / Publisher - GM-Trucks.com
      October 8th, 2019
      Chevrolet is ready to race the 2021 Colorado. Like, really ready to race. This week in fact. The new face for the Colorado mid-size truck will make its public debut October 10th during the 2019 Method Race Wheels Laughlin Desert Classic and will be driven by Hall Racing. Here's a sneak peek at the all new face of the Colorado. 

      Chevrolet also gave us a showing of the production 2021 ZR2  that will debut in one month at the 2019 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Check back with us in November for our first hand take at the new ZR2 when we visit the SEMA Show.  Anyways, let's take a look at the changes. 
      What's new with the 2021 Colorado?
      First off, the changes so far seem to be cosmetic and packaging only. No new features or changes in specs have been announced yet. However, the exterior has been warmed over to bring it in line with the Silverado's front end, without breaking the bank on a full redesign (which is expected in the 2023-2024 MY time frame).  Here's the announced 2021 changes. 
      New front end appearance for ZR2 model. Only Colorado model to have "Flow-through Chevrolet Fascia".  WT, LT, and Z71 trim levels will receive updated center bars, lower fascias, and new front skid plates.  WT and LT will feature "all-new" gold Chevy bowties while the Z71 trim is adorned with a black bowtie.  All models receive embossed 'Chevrolet" tailgates and ditch the traditional bowtie on the rear of the vehicle.  A new "Sand Dune Metallic" will be offered on Z71 and ZR2 models only.   
      What do you think about the new face of the Colorado?


    • By Nate26
      I found a pin hole in my driver side front break hose. I took it off and got a new hose for it from autozone and the new hose will not thread onto the line, can someone help on any reasons why I can't get the upper hose to thread onto the line..?
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