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Silverado LD Midnight Edition Mods

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I understand this topic has been around for some time, but I recently purchased a 2019 Silverado LD (same body style as the 2014-2018 models).  When I look for aftermarket mods/information, I have been referencing the 2018 model year.  In particular, my Silverado is a 2019 LD LT Z71, Double Cab, Midnight Edition w/ the All Star package (a lot to digest there!).  The mods I have done in no particular order of completion are:

  • 2" Zone Leveling Kit
  • Rough Country rubber bed mat
  • Driver & passenger window tint (35%)
  • Upgraded to LED bulbs in cargo, reverse and license plate lights
  • Replaced stock antenna w/ 3" stubby
  • Added 4 Bully hooks to bed sidewalls
  • Tinted license plate covers (not too dark as you WILL be pulled over)
  • GM tri-fold tonneau cover (manufactured by Advantage Truck Accessories for GM (GM Part #19367127).  Appears to be very similar to the Extang Trifecta 2.0.
  • BackRack #15024 w/ tonneau kit part #50120 (fits perfectly w/ that tonneau cover, but you won't find it listed on BackRack's site)
  • Rear seat GM floor liner
  • Front seat GM all weather floor mats
  • Amooca no-drill mud flaps
  • N-Fab cab length side step bars textured black
  • Apeman mini dash cam
  • Range Technology AFM disabler
  • K&N 33-2129 Performance Air Filter (AIRAID Modular Intake Tube to follow...)
  • and the best for last, stainless steel, Magnaflow MF Series Black cat-back - dual split rear exit exhaust, 4" black coated tips (these pipes were made for the 5.3 - such a perfect growl!!)

Future mods would include 33" Nitto Ridge Grapplers or DuraTracs & a little more lift.






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Silver was my first choice for this truck, but the black one was in the showroom and I got a deal I could not refuse.  Black is so hard to keep clean!  Its not my daily driver so that helps.  What mods have you done?

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That's funny, black was my first choice. The dealership was two hours away and by the time I could make it up there they sold the black one. 


Mods so far:

Rough Country 3.5" suspension lift

17" Rockstar wheels on 33" Toyo tires

Borla ATAK exhaust with black tips 

Black running boards

Black leather interior added by a local shop 

Replaced all speakers with Memphis Audio Power Reference speakers

700 watt 5 channel Memphis amp

Two 10" Memphis subwoofers 

Rear seat lifted a couple inches to clear the sub box and still fold down

Weathertech front floor mats

Front windows tinted to match rear

Morimoto XB tail lights

Weathertech mud flaps


I just got the Morimoto headlights as well, just haven't put them in yet. My truck isn't a Z71 and didn't come color matched. I'm in the process of getting everything color matched. Got bumpers on the way. Also adding fog lights, which are also on the way. Got the Gen5DIY fog light harness to add those. Local shop is going to paint the bumper for me and also the headlight bezels on the new headlights. Going to be getting the emblems blacked out as well. My end goal is pretty much all silver and black. Got an appointment with a vinyl shop Tuesday to add dual stripes, too. Also got a smoked third brake light coming. 


How much more lift you planning? I wish I'd went bigger than 3.5" honestly. My last truck was just leveled and I thought I'd be good with 3.5".

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Just looking for a more aggressive stance.  Was actually thinking 3.5" (I still want to be able to get in the garage with it).  Don't want to break the bank.  Won't do 33's before a lift as I don't want to fill the wheel wells up.  You're truck looks great - nice mods!

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Another LD owner here....mine is black with the all-star package as well. Double cab, standard box. It has the LT package, so it has the chrome bumpers. Got a great deal, $11,000 off msrp. Squeezed the dealer for a couple things... all-weather liners and he's adding heated seats next week. I'm having a bit of a hard time liking the Chevy floor liners. They have excellent coverage and protection, but did they really have to put that ugly notched seam down the middle? I'm wondering if there is something I can put there to hide that stupid seam. A strip of black duct tape would probably look bad. My daughter has a Ram and she has the Weathertech liners and it's one piece, door to door. Looks much better.

It has the 40/20/40 bench front seat in cloth. I can't remember the last vehicle I had with a bench seat. Probably early 80's. I'm liking it though. The lockable storage under the center seat is cool.

I just broke 1,000 miles and love it so far. The 5.3L is surprisingly good on gas. I traded in a 2016 Colorado that was pretty much loaded. I do miss it a bit, but I do like the larger truck. I was really looking for a crew cab, but the price was right and it's just the two of us most of the time. The kids are grown up.

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31 minutes ago, DominatorZ71 said:

35s look killer on this take my word. I get compliments all the time. Stock+ is the way to go on these


Nice! In fact it looks awesome! How much lift? any clearance issues?

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On 3/4/2020 at 11:24 AM, MinorComm said:
  • 2" Zone Leveling Kit (maintains front suspension geometry)


How did you do this? Did you change out control arms, diff drops and other components to stay at factory levels or how did you maintain geometry with a level because that is exactly what a level changes. 



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Perhaps I should have said that the 2" level keeps the geometry within its tolerances.  Many posts on this forum say anything over over 2.5"-3" will cause issues with the control arms, etc.  Have you lifted or leveled, and if so, what did you go with?

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