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Zane Merva
Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com

Update 10/5: See below post. TDLR- I'm sick and won't be able to attend this drive.

We are excited to announce our next Live Post First Drive. On October 6th we will step behind the wheel of the refreshed 2016 GMC Sierra and all new 2016 2.8L Duramax Canyon.

We can't wait to share our experience driving of these exciting new GMC models as it happens. If you've never seen one of our Live Posts, check out what we've done in the past.

In the meantime, we're looking for your suggestions and comments. What do you want to know? What do you want us to check out? Even highly technical questions are welcome as we will have an opportunity to chat with engineers and product managers.

See you all LIVE on October 6th!







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MPG loop on the Dmax. I have yet to see any official EPA ratings but I may not have tried looking to hard yet. Oh and how it tows as well. The exhaust brake on the big brother HD was/is the best one on the market so hopefully some HD tech was applied to the twins.


Oh and interior noise level. Cruze diesel is great but was a bit noisy when pushed in the higher revs inside.

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I'd like to see a comparison between the 2.8 L and the 3.6 L in the Canyon regarding: emissions; handling; cold weather performance, issues and concerns; anticipated annual cost of ownership over 5 and 8 years; and anything else that you can think of that isn't normally covered in the typical test or review.

I live in northern Alberta, Canada and see the Canyon as my next truck once I mile out my 2010 Sierra. Initially, I was planning on buying the 3.6 L but I am being open minded and want to consider the 2.8 as well. But, I want my decision based on sound knowledge and not live to regret deciding on one over the other.

Thanks in advance for for any and all info.


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I saw the specs some where. It said it would tow 7500 lbs properly equipped. so what is "properly equipped" and will that be factory available?

Also, would it be safe for a truck this size to be towing this much weight?

if I were to tow a travel trailer with a high profile, how would it perform?


I currently own a 2008 silverado LT with a 5.3L engine and a standard bed. I tow a 5200 lb 24 foot travel trailer with tandem axles. Personally I would not want to tow a bigger trailer with my current set up and the panel on the truck rates it at 7700lbs. I am set up with all the proper gear, sway control bar, heavy duty Reese platform, load levelers.

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Mountain towing. Can it maintain 70mph while towing the mfr maximum towing weight up a 12% incline for 7 miles (I77 going North in to Virginia)? How's it handle coming back down the same? Heat build up while doing so? How does the A/C handle 99 degrees with 95% humidity at the same time? Noise levels per the Cruze comment earlier? 4x4 Low range throttle response off idle, will there be an alternate throttle curve for low speed off road driving?

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Clunky drive train?

Slippy gears/converter clutch?


Accelerate up to 30km/h and slow down rapidly. Repeat 3 times. Like in stop and go traffic. How is the trans shifting?


Hover with the gas pedal at a shifting point of the transmission. Is it shifting up or down nicely?

(What I mean is my truck shifts at 35km/h from 3rd to 4th under slow acceleration. When I just barely accelerate the shift is clunky and rocky).


Down shift on an incline. Does the engine rev up and is the converter clutch slipping like you're riding a clutch?


I hope you understand my questions. Sometimes it's hard to explain.



so long


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Very curious about throttle response. Does it respond well to rolling into the throttle? Shift quality is also important.


My 2012 5.3 Sierra makes decent power if WOT but has lethargic throttle response and shifts are all over the place. Some are smooth, some are firm but other times I get slow shifts with flare.


Hoping they improved this on the new trucks.


And obviously fuel economy numbers.

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How about GM publish a salt-spray test, so that we can gauge whether or not the thing is going to become a rusted out, useless, $40k paperweight in 8 years like their full sized models? I won't be holding my breath on that one ...


A lot of good a diesel is when the body can barely make it past 200k ....

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi everyone. I'm pretty sick today and won't be making this drive. Thankfully I have a chance to drive these trucks next week. I will update you all on the new schedule.

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