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I was hoping y’all could help me on my decision. I have a 2019 custom trail boss 5.3 with AFM 6 speed. I called the local dealership here and asked how my warranty would be effected if I disable the AFM. They told me “as long as that tune didn’t cause the damage of whatever i bring the truck in for all is well.” So they recommended me to a local tuner here in town which was surprising. I called him and he said to disable my AFM it would cost around 500. I do know about the range device but I don’t want to to deal with the battery issues it can cause if you mistakenly leave it plugged in. My other option is the hand held tuners such as a diablo. I have zero experience  with them but I am going to put in a cold air intake and flow master 44 exhaust in the future. Would my best bet be the Diablo tuner to disable the AFM and use it to adjust my truck to my other mods or go with the professional tuner?

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Dont pay $500 just to turn AFM off, thats crazy.

Range it and if you park the truck for more than 3-4 days just unplug it. 


I have pedal commander, its great for throttle response. 

If something happens with your motor and you had gotten it tuned, dealer has ground to stand and void your warranty even though they say its fine now.. 

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custom tune....need to get the Sprintbooster v3 throttle programmer, high flow intake, CAI, 6.2 throttle body, and 6.2 manifold,  increase accelarator enrichment, dial up the timing as far as the knock sensor will allow,  clean up any flat spots in the power band, fix transmission kick down points and lock up points, adjust the cooling fans high point to 200 degrees and put in a 180 stat.  get long tube headers and high flow y pipe. to a cat back. If your deleting the AFM  you might as well install a DoD delete kit and after that you might want to get a stage 1 cam since your already in the motor

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1 hour ago, snowman44 said:

Is there a certain brand pedal commander people use?

SprintBooster V3 ,this thing is bad ass. he's the origial designer of the throttle enhancer, other brands are knock offs. 

18 levels ,  quickly swiches on or off via one button.  has valet mode, limits throttle to 50 % travel, then full lock out , no one can drive your car it will just idle. 0% throttle. only you can reactivate the throttle if you hide the interface in the ashtray outta sight.

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C'mon guys, it's been said many times by now that the 2019 T1XX trucks can't be tuned/programmed yet.


The 2019 Legacy or LD silverado/sierra's can because those are 2016-2018 carry over K2XX body style trucks.

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