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Cadillac Offers $5,000 Bounty On Stinkin' Lincolns

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John Goreham

Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com



Cadillac dealers are offering owners of Lincoln vehicles $5,000 if they trade up to a Cadillac Escalade. Bloomberg confirmed the bounty program according to the Detroit News.  The dealer memo obtained by Bloomberg says that the special offer applies to either a new purchase or a lease of an Escalade.

navigator interior.jpg

The program is intended to maintain market share in light of the new Lincoln Navigator launch. Escalades are still selling at the same rate they were a year ago. Cadillac sells about 3,000 Escalade and ESVs combined each month. However, like all luxury vehicles, the Escalade, which starts at about $74K, is a vehicle that usually sees a sales spike in the December timeframe. It is no secret that although the Escalade is a relatively low-volume vehicle for GM, it is a very high-profit one.


The all-new 2018 Lincoln Navigator features a 450 hp, twin-turbocharged V6 engine (that many will recognize as the Ford EcoBoost found in the top-trims of the F-150).


Images show the new Lincoln Navigator. 

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I have sat in the Lincoln, and I have sat in Cadillacs, and several other GM cars.  GM cars are uncomfortable, ungodly uncomfortable.   I bought a Mustang instead of a Camaro because I could not stand the Camaro seats, and visibility.   The Camaro was awful!    Although I have been a long time GM owner, and never owned anything but GM, I would rather buy a Lincoln for this reason only. 

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    • By Gorehamj

      John Goreham
      Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com
      When the new head of Cadillac came from Infiniti, he brought the failed model naming methodology along. At Infiniti, even memorable cars and crossovers ( and they now have many) are difficult to converse about. Every one of them is a "Q." Wait, doesn't Audi use Q as well? Even autowriters and fans of the Infiniti brand cannot keep up. The effect at Cadillac was not as significant, until now.
      At Cadillac, the cars have been converging onto fewer nameplates. Excuse our mis-capitalization, but we want illustrate an effect: Ats is easy to differentiate from Cts. Different first initial, and most importantly, when you pronounce them "Aye tee ess" and "See tee ess" they don't sound alike. On the written page, or the back of a moving vehicle, they are also easy to tell apart because an A looks quite different than a C. The conventional wisdom holds that if one is able to see a vehicle that one likes, or read about one, or hear about one, the new fan might then look deeper, or even purchase one. Knowing the name helps.
      Another school of thought is that the models should NOT be different in the eyes and ears of the consumer, and in fact, the BRAND, in this case, Caddy, is all that should matter. Hence the new method of having all the model names be indistinguishable. Consider the Cadillac XT5 and XTS. A 5 and an S are the most similar two characters in the English lexicon aside from the number 0 and the capital letter O. These two vehicles, a huge sedan and a mid-sized crossover, have the same name for all intents and purposes. Cadillac's newest 2017 sedan model is named CT6. How different are the CT6 and CTS names? Add one little dot on the tail of the S and they are identical. They also roll off the tongue the same. Still, we have managed.
      Now the newest Cadillac prototype has been revealed. However, you won’t be able to find it on the internet. Its name is Escala. That is not a typo. The newest model name from Cadillac is the exact same name as a current model with the two last letters left off. The Escalade is one of the most iconic names and images in American motoring. It is a huge, square, body-on-frame luxury SUV. The new Escala is a low, sleek, sedan prototype. Why in the world would Cadillac use the same first six letters of an existing model to identify this new model concept? Johan de Nysschen, president of Global Cadillac, said of the new vehicle, "Escala is a statement of intent for the next iteration of the Cadillac design language, and also technical concepts in development for future Cadillac models. Secondly, Escala builds Cadillac’s aspirational character, signaling the brand’s return to the pinnacle of premium.”
      If you search in your browser for "Escala" you will see images of the vehicle at the top of our story. But that is not what the Escala is. It is the vehicle shown below. We assume that this is not an accident and that Cadillac intended this to be the case, or it is the funny marketing team over there just having a laugh at our expense. Which do you think it is?

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      Looking for some great wheel locks? Look no further...
      I have a set of 4 wheel Armor Wheel Locks and 2 keys that will fit all GM 1500 series wheels with closed center caps, years include 2000 - 2016 (Silverado, Tahoe, Escalade, Suburban, Avalanche, Yukon or Sierra).
      More information can be seen at https://armorwheellocks.com
      Original price was $149 - Asking $50 plus shipping
      I sold my Silverado and am trying to clear the garage, so make me a reasonable offer and they're yours!
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