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Cadillac Offers $5,000 Bounty On Stinkin' Lincolns

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John Goreham

Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com



Cadillac dealers are offering owners of Lincoln vehicles $5,000 if they trade up to a Cadillac Escalade. Bloomberg confirmed the bounty program according to the Detroit News.  The dealer memo obtained by Bloomberg says that the special offer applies to either a new purchase or a lease of an Escalade.

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The program is intended to maintain market share in light of the new Lincoln Navigator launch. Escalades are still selling at the same rate they were a year ago. Cadillac sells about 3,000 Escalade and ESVs combined each month. However, like all luxury vehicles, the Escalade, which starts at about $74K, is a vehicle that usually sees a sales spike in the December timeframe. It is no secret that although the Escalade is a relatively low-volume vehicle for GM, it is a very high-profit one.


The all-new 2018 Lincoln Navigator features a 450 hp, twin-turbocharged V6 engine (that many will recognize as the Ford EcoBoost found in the top-trims of the F-150).


Images show the new Lincoln Navigator. 

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I have sat in the Lincoln, and I have sat in Cadillacs, and several other GM cars.  GM cars are uncomfortable, ungodly uncomfortable.   I bought a Mustang instead of a Camaro because I could not stand the Camaro seats, and visibility.   The Camaro was awful!    Although I have been a long time GM owner, and never owned anything but GM, I would rather buy a Lincoln for this reason only. 

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