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I think they're both ugly, if I'm honest. But the truck - geeze Louise ... I thought you guys photoshopped that as a joke! About as bad as the Avalanche, and the '03-'04 pickups.


Looks like GM screwed up the measurements, and had to glue another 1/8th of a truck on top of what they already had ...:sick:

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On 6/28/2019 at 10:39 AM, AlljackedupZ71 said:

I understand what they are trying to accomplish with the mirrors... but I can not stand them. 

This entire truck takes the "A Better Idea" and "Failure to execute" to a whole new level. 

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GM Truck Design Meeting


VP of Design

Ok guys...RAM is crushing it with their new 12" touch screen with programmable buttons and key fob adjustable Air Bag ride height. Fords got a screaming V6 Turbo thats eating our lunch and an interior that features color adjustable LED ambient lighting plus some "f*** you" billion-point adjustable seats that practically blow you while you drive. SO.... in order to look like we are still "competing" in this segment we need to come up with something that looks like a game changer without having to spend any REAL money to give the customer competitive upgrades.  ..........Anyone?



....we could add a plastic bed to save weight and have marketing sell it as a feature. 


VP of Design

Ok...anyone else?



Well....umm...we could rework the front end to be big, ugly and, even more difficult to see over? 


VP of Design


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