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My new 2018, SLE Regular Cab

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I have had a 76, 76, 79, 82, 83, 85, 85, 94, 99, 04, 04, 10, and a 15. I loved my 15. Was the same basic truck in a Chevy version without a trailer brake controller bought new in 14. Put 40k miles on it. Always wished it had the integrated trailer brake controller. I never planned to sell the truck but GM decided to build the 2015 Z28 and I traded the 15 Silverado in on that car. Great decision as I love that car and I knew it would be much easier to find another truck later down the road or not. This was a lot of work. 


I paid to much for it as GM is not offer any rebates right now. I could wait for them, but then this truck might sell and there are no other like it. It has every single one of my must have options a few of my wanted options. I think the only thing missing is the spray on bed liner but thats is easy to add. My plan was to finance the Fireball package at time of purchase but I was unable to find anyone willing to lend me that much over invoice. At least not when I have the Z28 payment as well. I think, I will leave the truck stock for a year and then just pay cash for the Fireball upgrade. No mater what at some point the truck will be super charged. Will be lowered in a few weeks. 


I found the truck 6.5 hours away in NE after many calls and chats with GM. GM always wants your zip code and only searches for vehicles within so many miles. They deny this, but try asking a few different times, with different zip codes you get different results. I was told several times this truck wasn't in stock anywhere in the US but I kept searching. Took 3 full weeks to find it. I even tried to order the truck. I have my order number but the allocation was closed 3-23. I was told there was basically no way GM would build my truck at this point. They are getting ready to build the 2019's. I canceled that order this morning. 


Persistence... I finally got my 2015 Z28 in Dec of 2017 brand new hiding in a dealership in TX and I found my exact truck in NE. It wasn't really hiding but it seems no one but me wants a loaded regular cab. I drove a few 4 doors even ones with the 6.2 and they are pigs compared to the regular cab with the 3:42's. I want a truck for sport and fun not to haul the family around. My family actually all fits in the regular cab as we are a small family. :) 


Anyway here is another picture of another black 2018 Sierra. The difference is this one is mine. I have not seen the truck in person. Deal is done and they have the funds. Hope they really keep it locked up inside. I added my Z28 just cause.... Truck will get the same stripes the day I get it home. 





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6 hours ago, Rufasim said:

You can have both those vehicles. I love both my truck and bike. I want that garage! 

Garage has been a dream since I was kid. Love it. Friends helped with the concrete slab. I did all the electrical and actually passed inspection. Building is one of those prefab steal buildings the built in 2 days. My dad sells them so I got a great deal. I sold the 1946 Rat rod in the background of this picture to help pay for it. Im more into fast stuff.  I live in the middle of no where and bought an old house that was falling a part so I could buy cars. Seems a lot of people care more about there house and spend well over $200,000 on a house. I found a $35,000 house and then spend all my money on cars and a shop.


This is the other matching car. 1996 LT5 Z51. Its estimated to be one of 35 in black. I have wanted matching car and truck since high school Just took me 20 years to be able to make it happen. The Corvette has been lowered since that picture was taken. Just closed up the wheel well gap. 





This is the 2015 I traded in on Z28. Took a couple years to get where I could replace it. Some of you should remember it on this forum. I have been here since before I got it. I like the lifted truck, but I want the performance of a lowered one. 






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Finally picked the truck. 14 hour drive. Rained the entire way home. Wife was not happy about that and wants new tires on her car now. 



Got it home and had to add my stripes. Hope to get the windows tinted today. Bed cover and bed rug is here just need to get off work to put them on. 



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That Z/28 though. There is only one for sale in all of Canada with 10,000km for $70,000. Definitely a rare piece, I wouldn't give that one up for a long time if I were you. Keep us posted on your truck build. Lots of guys running built K2's here, some even twin supercharged or built 416ci race engines, should be lots of threads full of inspiration for you.  

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