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Okay folks...  what is the consensus numbers on what a good set of 1 3/4” primary long tubes (Kooks, ARH, etc) will get you on an basically (maybe a CAI and a cat back) stock L83?  Info/numbers on catted vs non-catted would be cool too.  So would before and after tuning...  even though it’s pretty much a given that you need a tune if you do long tubes.  Thanks y’all!

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I dont have specific numbers to give you, but the consensus with long tubes, catted or not, and a good tune, (obivously intake, and exhaust) would net you about 25-30hp and 25-30 tq.

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    • By 14SierraZ71
      Ok so long story short I found a big oil puddle in my driveway after parking my 14 Sierra with the 5.3. The dealer I took it to said the rear main seal blew and the cause was the combination of cold temperatures and the oil catch can that I put on the vehicle. I installed the elite engineering e2 can with one way check valve. Has anyone else had this issue? They're telling me since I put that system on it voids the warranty and I have to pay for the rear main needless to say I'm pretty pissed
    • By Husker_1911
      Attached is a link to a kit I'm intrigued by because it does a few things I'm quite interested in...  Namely:
      - Appears to be more geared towards improving the handling rather than just dropping the ride height.
      - IS NOT a gonzo drop...  I'm really only wanting to do a 2/4 at the most.  This is a 2/3 if one uses the entire kit.
      Belltech's site doesn't say much about it.  Belltech has been in the game for a good long while, so I have to assume that they know what they are doing.  Belltech is also in bed with KW Automotive... That should also speak to the legitness of Belltech in the here and now.  Anywho...  here it is:
      Practical knowledge and insights regarding the kit would be awesome.  Thoughts from the collective braintrust are also welcome.  Thanks y'all!
    • By 6FOOT6Chevy
      Its been awhile since I've put up an update post on what I have done to my truck in the past few months. So here is the list....
      -RC 2 inch leveling kit
      -Carven performance exhaust ( Competition muffler )
      -Aftermarket taillights ( returning soon as they already have issues )
      -future planned taillights are morimoto's
      -Black bowtie swap front and rear
      -I may get aftermarket headlights in the future if prices go down.
      -Custom HD towing mirrors ( The front LED turn signals are sequential )
      -20 inch light bar mounted onto a license plate bracket mount
      -20x10 -25 offset dropstar 655bm
      -33x12.5 toyo open country RT's
      -Front end air dam removal with trimming for tires
      -LED turn signal bulbs
      All these mods were done myself except for the tow mirrors since i had them done at my Chevy dealer so that i made sure everything worked properly and was warrantied for the wiring harness.
      Please give me your thoughts and opinions on my build and give me any pointers o what i should do next to the truck. I'm thinking about getting a cold air inductions CAI next.

    • By Husker_1911
      To preface this thread; I am not looking to go to Bonneville or the Autobahn.  Now that that's out of the way...  98-99 MPH when it's still pulling hard, and is on T Speed Rated tires, is a bit of a let down.  I don't go that fast all the time, but I have found myself hitting the nanny state leash a time or two on the toll roads not far from where I am.  In the immediate future is a CAI cold air that I will need a DiabLew Tune update to get the best results from.  My thinking is that when he does the update, he also moves the limiter.  Here is my question:  What is the max safe top speed we can set it to?  I say max safe from the stand point of not exceeding the drive shaft's max rotational speed, what Complete Street Performance called "Critical Speed".  The truck in question is a 2018 Silverado 1500 LT TX Edition, Crew Cab, Short Box, 2WD, 5.3L, 6L80, 3.42 G80 rear diff, one piece driveshaft, on a 265/65R-18 112T Tire.  If going off the speed rating of the tires, one would say 118.  The speed rating chart is common knowledge, but not the end all answer.   Again, what I'm not sure about is the max speed of the truck vs rotation speed of the drive shaft with my combination of trans, rear diff, and tire size.  I'm thinking... 110-115.  Thank y'all in advance!
    • By VdellaV
      Hello, Everyone
      Just Wanted to share a video I was meaning to make for some months now, I lost a GoPro Camera on the process, so I had to save for a new one to make this video.
      If you like the video, a subscription to my YouTube Channel is always appreciated!
      This is my exhaust set up
      -Speed Engineering Long Tube Headers (1 7/8" Primaries to 3" Collectors)
      -Dual 3" X Pipes
      -Dual 3" Magnaflow Mufflers (PN 14419)
      - True Dual Exhaust to 3.5" Tips
      This is how she sounds while towing:
      Brief Exhaust clips:
      Thank you all for watching
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