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GMC - Chevy 2500HD - 3500HD 4x4 Suspension System & Towing System for Comfort Smooth Ride

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:seeya: Hello How it going? 5bad2f5511e83_IMG_20180705_143901698_HDR1.thumb.jpg.39c1c9628a32e19c8d1fecf039bff5bd.jpg

 I wanted post and ask some questions as along the way and see if I am crazy enough to upgrade and discuss about modifying a stock GMC 2016 4x4 2500HD 6.0L Gas suspension system. The truck needed a nice smooth riding stability control system on it's suspension system and along it needed to takes more weight load carrying capacity controls from major loads when towing big loads from over hauling trailers. Plus even on it's no-loads capacity as well when you need to drive on a everyday needs in all conditions from all driving ability and keep safe from going out of control from all major issues on the roads conditions on a stock 2500HD/3500HD, I can tell things are getting out of control as conditions are getting worsts beyond our controls when dealing with a stock HD trucks suspension system on a bad roads conditions. Anyway I wanted to upgrade this truck to improve the truck without spending to much money but enough for the truck to drive better than possible so here some ideas and list of parts of modifications that I have studied and thought about thought I post something asked and shared and discuss as asking some ideas for some upgrades. Thanks for helping guys as I need some helps.


So far I already installed a rear Hellwig Big Wig Sway bar the model # is 7270 and have it on the medium setting on the links holes for the sway bars as it on the #2 holes. The center hole is considered is medium setting.
The far out as #1 hole is the lose setting and far back to the axle #3 hole is tighter setting for the sway bar settings.


And I have to say I already feel a huge improvements to the rear suspension by adding a rear sway bar. I can tell by it does prevents the waving as rocking side to side when driving into a drive ways or pulling into a intersections or running over pot holes or curbs or jumping over a railways or hills and some major improvements on things like those quadruple humps and ripples as dips on the road that make your whole truck shake everywhere and wobbling back and forth from going over on those melted asphalt from the roads and highways as it swerves out of control at a high speed and including hauling something that makes it bounce everywhere even to lose control on a empty bed. Plus the improvements over driving into by turning fast and pilling out or in front of the traffic as keeping the truck lock down on the road to pull in and it enforce it from leaning over, keeping the truck from waving over as swerving out of control from rocking by it side. And the sway bar does improve towing. It help you to control your trailer from losing out of control from a dodge moments on cars and winds and other moments to prevent your trailer from wobbling on a highways. Keep the back end stable as twisting the roll body of the truck especially pillingout on a burn out. it been been lot of flooding in Texas lately and I need to spray paint it black and painted the u bolts as well as keeping it from rusting including the axle drive staff joint. Rust is a disease to metal. I only have this 3 months of use of this Hellwig and this truck has 9,786 miles on it.

Now the questions is do I needed to go ahead and buy the front sway bar? And put a bigger heavier duty links as well that hooks on to the front sway bars?
I don't know what size the is the original stock front sway bars as in inches from as American scale, so far, I founded out the size it is 1.250 of a inch? Is that 1 inch and 3/8 in size? or is that 1 and half of a inch? And the links that came with the truck looks little poor. Looks like it needed to be on a 1500 models trucks and asking for a bigger set of links to control the front of the sway bars on the 2500HD front end suspension.

But anyway the Hellwig has a 1 and 1/2 of a inch in thickness of the sway bar and if the the truck stock sway bars is the same size then I don't need to get it it be a waste of money by having the same size bars.

I don't know if that make anything big of a different but maybe it will in tightness of a sway bars as for front suspension system if it little bigger right?

Anyway here are the list of the modifications upgrades for the suspension system packages that are listed for a smooth ride with major medium payloads capability.
Feel free to post some idea of some more modifications suspension system for a stock GMC /Chevy 4x4 2500HD / 3500HD  2014 to 2019.

Hellwig Rear Sway Bar 7270.......Weight: 8,000lbs

Hellwig Front Sway Bar 7716......Weight: 5,000lbs
Hellwig Leaf Helper Springs Stabilizer LP-3512.....Weight: 3500lbs

Leaf Spring Shocks Absorbed Sulastic Shackle For Axle SA-06...Non-affect load carrying capacity
BDS NX2 Single Steering Stabilizer with Mounting Bracket Kit.....Get Boot Cover Protection
PPE Stage 3 Tie Rod Assemblies #158031511.....Has Larger Ball Joints and Staff
SuperSpring Front Sumo Spring SSF-202-54......Weight: 2000lbs
SuperSpring Rear Sumo Spring SSR-203-40-2....Weight: 2600lbs Max at 80% 3000lbs
G2 GM 10.5" 14 Bolt Rear Brute Ball Milled Aluminum Differential Axle Cover.....Amsoil 95W-140 Gear Oil
Fox Shocks 2.5 Reservoir Front and Rear.

These are my upgrades for a medium high performance stabilizer for the truck suspension system modifications.

As for tires and rims I would love to have a 20 inch rims with 285/65/20 tires
Or 18 inch rims with 285/70/18 tires one day.

This should improves the overalls of the trucks capability right?

    Dream engine on this truck is LS1 427 32V 6.2L 25MPG on this 2500HD 4.10 gear ratio with the twin as y air filter intake system with dual exhaust .... Goals  <3.. I wish I could afford this and to put a 8 speed tranny on it. :drool:

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As looking around I notice the between the Hellwig Leaf Helper Springs Stabilizer LP-3512 vs the Superspring Helper springs from things is a roller shackle on the super spring leaf for self adjustments to roll around as it spring around from it tension. Although I wish it was little thicker and wider on the end of the spring leaf handle loader this is more of a bow effects but makes it looks little more weaker point in the flexibility movement as far for twisting play. If the ends are little thicker and connect the bolts curls into the leaf spring would make a better system.

   Other than this claims to be 5,000 lbs idk
To me maybe 3,000 at the most. One site said the SA13 is 3000
The Hellwig product is 3,500lbs of payloads weights which the u bolts that are connect to the leaf spring without any rollers. To me looks kinda a little dangerous just a holding on bow effect clamps onto the leaf spring. The u bolts looks small and little weak to me. I could buy a bigger U bolts and add a roller bolts application for the bottom of the stock leaf springs or put a block under the leaf spring to prevents any moments or disconnect or loss possibility from the leaf spring to come apart. I wouldn't risk it. The price between the two is little off. Seam to me that the Hellwig is more expensive than this Superspring. They both need a mounting brackets kits for the 2500HD and the 3500HD gas or diesel truck.

Hellwig Mounting Kit 25312
Superspring Mounting Kit MXKT

Here are the list of both products on website 




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