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2019+up Wheels on K2 2014-2019?

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Has anyone done this yet?  I know in the T1 section there's a couple threads on mounting K2 wheels on the T1 trucks, and the calipers being wider and the need for a minor spacer in the fronts.


With that, going backwards, there should be plenty of clearance.


Any pics?  I can find K2 wheels on GMT900 and older trucks for days.  I was looking at either an 18" RST set, or the 18" accessory wheel that looks like the Colorado ZR2's wheel.  At this point, I'd even look at a picture of 20"s as well.   


Image result for gm 84040796

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I'm considering the same, wanting to put that new accessory wheel on a 2016 white Sierra All-Terrain. I'm a fan of the 17" Colorado ZR2 wheels, so those 18" ZR2 look-a-like accessory wheels have my attention.



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I haven't seen anyone mount them on a K2 yet, and can only find a few pictures of them on the new trucks. Just a few promotional images that GM released during the last SEMA show.image.thumb.png.4c9c49896627b0e7a4811105cb1d690e.png



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Posted (edited)

I have 2019 wheels on my 17. There is a pic in this thread. Page 324. Sorry I don’t have the pic on my phone.




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