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3.0 Duramax LM2:


Fuel Filter tools!

T40 wrench to drain water from filter (located under the seat floor pan on the drivers side)

36mm 6pt socket to replace the fuel filter element.





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Trying to buy wipers for my 2020 AT4, but a lot of the search tools seem to be giving conflicting or incomplete information. I even tried just putting in 2019 Silverado, but no change. Bosch, for instance, says Icon’s aren’t compatible. Piecing together info from different search tools, I’ve seen both 22a & 22oe, but sant seem to figure out what the different is between them. Coming from an F150, it took different wipers for both passenger and driver, so I’m not sure if that is the case here or not. 

Reading through all the wiper threads, surprisingly no one mentions the part numbers. Probably because everyone just know’s what they are. (Except me!)


Anyway, thought maybe it might be helpful to add common 3rd party part numbers to the wiper list for future noob’s like me, if anyone has the info handy to share. Thank you!

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With every new car or truck I put together a maintenance schedule. Based on the actual mileage on the vehicle I know exactly when the next service is needed and I keep a copy of the schedule in the glove box of the vehicle. Takes a little bit of time but I only need to do it one time and it lasts for as long as I own the vehicle. To date when a service advisor at a dealer tells me that my vehicle needs service they are wrong 100% of the time and only trying to boost their business at my expense.


Schedule for my Duramax 2500HD:

Change oil and filter at least every 12 months regardless of mileage (and reset oil reading)

Change oil as recommended by engine's computer using CJ-4 15W40 non-synthetic oil

7,500 miles - change external transmission filter, rotate tires, torque wheel nuts (140 ft lb)

15,000 miles - rotate tires, torque wheel nuts

22,500 miles - rotate tires, torque wheel nuts

25,000 miles - change engine oil, lube front suspension, steering linkage, cables,

30,000 miles - rotate tires, torque wheel nuts

37,500 miles - rotate tires, torque wheel nuts

45,000 miles - rotate tires, torque wheel nuts

50,000 miles - change engine oil and filter, replace air filter, change trans fluid and filter

52,500 miles - rotate tires, torque wheel nuts

60,000 miles - rotate tires, torque wheel nuts

67,500 miles - rotate tires, torque wheel nuts

75,000 miles - rotate tires, torque wheel nuts, change engine oil and filter

82,500 miles - rotate tires, torque wheel nuts

100,000 miles - change engine oil and filter, transmission and transfer case fluids, trans filter, and replace air filter

125,000 miles - change engine oil and filter, replace coolant and flush system

150K or every 5 years change coolant  (whichever comes first}

Every 10 years change brake fluid

Fuel filter - change when indicated by the engine or every 2 years.

            life depends upon the fuel cleanliness and use of biodiesel

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2019 Sierra 1500 AT4 with 6.2L


Factory Performance Cold Air Intake Replacement Filter GM Part #84428120

Cabin Air Filter GM Part #13508023






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