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Would you buy an electric Chevy today? What about an electric GMC?

Are you ready to buy an electric truck?  

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I'm interested in a quick read of the room. How does everyone feel about the news that GM is moving in the direction of an battery electric truck? Does the brand it's sold under influence if you'd be interested? Are you ready to buy one now or do you think we should wait it out?


Thanks for your opinions! 

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It's a stupid idea.

If I want drive up to a remote area to go fishing or whatever where am I going to recharge it?  Plug it into a tree?

For someone who actually would use it like a truck for work or whatever put 750- 1000 miles a week on it what's their electric bill going to look like? Big buck I'd bet. Probably have to upgrade your electric supply if you have less than a 100 amp service too, more money. ( Any Electrician care to chime in on this?)

Not to mention the power plants now have to burn more coal or natural gas to make more electricity to charge all these new vehicles.

How good are these going to be when it's -25F degrees in the dead of winter? 

What are they going to do with all batteries when they are shot and need to be replaced. Talk about an environmental disaster.

Also how much are replacement batteries? 

A Prius is around 3 grand from what I hear although they are supposed to last over 200,000 miles.

I could go on and on.


Dumb with a capital D.

I bet they will be hideous looking too.??

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Wouldn't say it's stupid?

Having both available options would work?

Probably 80% of people who buy 1/2 ton's never hook anything up to it.

I could put my surplus Kilowatts generated from my Photovoltaic system into my truck battery instead of letting the power company pay me pennies and ultimately sell that juice for 3x the price they paid me?

How good is your diesel in -25?  Probably didn't start if it was sitting outside not plugged in?

Batteries will be recycled most likely...maybe core charges too?

@200K a motor can become if not taken care of properly something that is getting close to it's end of life cycle without major replacements/costs so slipping in a new or reconditioned battery is likely looking more plausible.


I get the fact that Fleet's turn on @ 5:00am and don't stop until 6-7:00pm 6 days a week because I did it for a living and obviously a battery as the only source of mechanical movement/operation is probably not going to work.


I do get that 400mile range on Crew Cab for somebody like me not towing or caring how big my tires are it will probably work just fine.  I look forward to the advancements in propulsion systems no doubt!

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Let's see how useful those electric trucks will be around the time of a major hurricane!


Can't carry enough battery to take a travel trailer even a few hours away, let alone cross country.  And Eisenhower Tunnel fully loaded?  Sure, it would make it through, but then you'd have to charge it up for 10 hours soon after whereas most of us would refuel and be on our way in 15 minutes.


That lady running GM knows so much that isn't so.

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Sure.  As soon as I can drive 300 or 400 miles, stop for 5 minutes, and go for another 300 miles then I will.


I'm fascinated by electric vehicles, but the infrastructure has a long ways to go before I'm going to switch over.  Especially in flyover country.  ?

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The average recharge time is about 45 minutes plus, average time to fill your car is 5 minutes, the maximum range on an electric vehicle is let’s say average 300 miles, average on my truck is 400 plus but FINDING/LOCATING a recharge spot will no doubt put a damper on your trip. NO THANKS! I enjoy stopping over at small town country stores and fuel stations for snacks much more especially with kids.

Sent from Above

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The electricity from sun, wind, geothermal, hydro or wave motion my be freely given to us by our creator but the machines that that collect it and distribute it require power to manufacture. Power to retrieve the raw materials. And down the rabbit hole you go. Neo and Lithium are not in large quantities in North America and like oil are controlled by third party sources. So in a few sentences "Green" and "Independent" have been cleared from the table leaving GREED naked and exposed.


 This is a twisted pole. "NEVER" should have nulled the requirement for any other field. Forcing a choice on one who chooses NEVER is collecting information from those whose vote voids that information. Makes me ask the REASON for such a poll. Try again.




When I posted this there were 29 votes cast. 31.03% of them, nine votes responded NEVER

29 votes were cast for make and model. That's 9 to many. 



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I’m passed the V-8 sound loud exhaust thing in my daily driver. It took 40 years. If it can do 0-60 in under 7 seconds and has average mid range passing power. Go an honest 500 miles without a charge with ac blowing, charge on 110 in 8hours. I don’t care what’s under the hood.

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i have zero interest in any type of electric vehicle

Not even if it outperforms your current vehicle in 0-70 braking, handling and best of all gets 500 miles between each charge?

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I’d be all over a new badass looking electric Truck or large SUV for long mountain road trips that’ll do the same or better. Imagine a truck that would take you places, no boundaries as far as you can stay awake, that would be the vehicle for me [emoji6]

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